Barely 6-months-old and Charity suffers in Georgia shelter

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Charity is barely 6-months-old and most likely has been suffering all of her short life. And as if her mange and flea problems weren’t painful enough on her tender skin, someone poured chemicals on her which burnt her skin even worse.


On Monday evening, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC once again stepped up to help one of the most sorrowful and neediest of dogs; no other rescue organizations offered. And on Tuesday afternoon, Charity is being transferred from a local animal shelter to the rescue organization’s Georgia partnering veterinarian.

“Despite being malnourished, almost hairless and covered in red, bleeding sores and the horrific pain she must in in as the shelter has no medical treatment for her, this poor baby just whines.

We have no doubt, she is desperately hoping someone will come for her, someone will save her before the shelter has to make a very difficult decision as they cannot leave her there suffering.”

Check out Charity’s video.

This puppy needs everyone’s help. To donate, go to

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An incredible transformation

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  1. The “shelter” has no medical treatment for her? Nothing to alleviate her suffering, but NO DOUBT they, like all the pharma-invaded facilities, have pumped her full of poison vaccines upon intake.

    WHY are people still calling these places “shelters” ??

  2. Oh, I’m just so disgusted and disappointed with the human race right now. Every day we see more and more of these desperate cases where precious animals are tortured to within millimetres of their lives and rescuers are expected to pick up the pieces and put the poor babies back together. Or more to the point, the perpetrators don’t even care if anyone picks up the poor animal that they’ve literally dumped to die. The will of dogs to survive and live is what amazes me, and their ready acceptance of help from more humans. If our lives were reversed and dogs were humans and humans were dogs, what a different world there would be. By their very nature dogs are loving and kind whereas humans tend to be far closer to our perceived nature of dogs. We would be ripping apart every human who cane near us if we’d been tortured, whereas these precious dogs do nothing of the sort, they just lick, kiss, cuddle and wag tails when they get the help they need. Dogs are smart. Humans Ned to wise up and learn from them on how to truly live – not at war with everything, but live in peace.
    Meanwhile, precious Charity needs our help desperately p, so please share, network and donate as much as you can for this beautiful baby. She needs all our love.

  3. Have any rescues stepped up to help Charity? Donations can be sent to the rescue that takes her. Please consider helping this precious pup get better and in a loving home. Why do these vile monsters do this to any animal. What do they get out of it and are they really void of any feelings? Well, Charity has feelings and wants to survive so rescues, take her into your care and protect this sweet girl.


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