Bakersfield dog shot in the head and left for dead

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In a heartbreaking case of animal cruelty, a three-year-old dog was shot in the head and left for dead in Bakersfield, California. Rescuers say the dog who was found in the mountains near the border of Washington and Oregon had been living in the area for weeks with his severe injuries.

“We need your help!! I helped rescue a pitbull off Cabbage Mountain outside of Pendleton a week and a half ago. Reports are, he was there for at least 5 days and from the looks of him probably longer…”

According to the rescue group Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, the dog’s past remains a mystery, and Angela Zilar, the director of the shelter, is hoping someone recognizes the dog and can help to identify the owner(s). The black and white pooch underwent surgery on Tuesday where veterinarians removed two large caliber bullets which pierced through the dog’s head. Surgeons had to remove his right eye and some teeth, but he is expected to recover.

“The injury to this boy’s eye and teeth are the result of a bullett,(sic) not a coyote or wolf. Please help me find who did this. This loving boy deserves justice. Angela

So the dog rescued out of Pendleton that is now named Rez needs your help to find his rightful owners. He is way too nice of a dog to have been dumped by a loving family. He has an unregistered chip out of Bakersfield California, he is an unaltered male and is approximately 4yrs old. His chip was implanted by Bakersfield ASPCA as a puppy, then transferred to a rescue. I have exhausted all avenues to find a family,” Angela posted on the group’s Facebook page.

Where the dog went or how this tragedy occurred is still unknown. Angela thinks the pit bull may have been stolen to be used as a fighting dog, but Rez is much too lovable, and that may have been the reason he was shot.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter at 509.545.3740.

Get well soon Rez.

(Photos of Bakersfield dog shot in head Facebook Tri Counties Animal Shelter freezeshots)

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9 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    What a Horrific amount of suffering this poor dog went thru::: Yet HIS will to live is SO VERY STRONG !!! I hope he can find his real family or a VERY SPECIAL PERSON will OPEN THEIR HOME AND ARMS to HIM…

  2. Helen says:

    Disgusting POS who shot this poor pup should die of a slow painful death. I hope Rez is adopted out to a loving family. He deserves a good home that will give him love and keep him safe.

  3. Darla G says:

    Maybe I’m missing something…..if the microchip shows that he was part of a rescue, I assume the rescue group’s name is listed – why can’t they be contacted? They will know who adopted Rez – of course, that doesn’t mean that the initial adopters are still his family but it’s a start. Get better, Rez. You are very sweet. I hope the POS who shot you rots in Hell very soon.

  4. Kathy says:

    When they find the POS who did this, put 2 bullets in their brain and be done with it! That is justice for Rez! Hope he finds a loving family to live with for the rest of his life! Get well soon Rez!


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