Baby squirrel accused of terrorizing human adult in Germany

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A baby squirrel in the south-western city of Karlsruhe has been accused of terrorizing an adult human. Police officers arrived on Thursday and took the baby squirrel into custody – that is after is fell soundly asleep wrapping itself up into an adorable little ball.

According to the Facebook page of the Polizei Karlsruhe, [Polizei Police Department], the little rodent has become their new mascot and has been named Karl-Friedrich.

“Karl-Friedrich” was spent in police care at the station. There, they took care of accommodation for the little squirrel, which apparently was looking for a new home. The animal is now in a #shelter and is well cared for.

We wish the little one all the best!”

And so, this tiny furry offender chased after a human most likely searching for food or help. No one knows where Karl-Friedrich’s mother could have been, but baby squirrels are known to search out someone to be a substitute mom. Translated, the situation developed as followed as a 911 call came in asking for help:

” help, I’m being followed by a #squirrel!” possibly with these words, on Thursday, around 8:00 am, a man at the karlsruhe emergency. The officials didn’t hesitate long and sent a patrol to the #erzberger road to investigate.

In fact, the police met the man who was persecuted by the stubborn little creature. While officials of the karlsruhe-marketplace police station made a picture of the situation, the squirrel apparently cared for lots of fun and #enthusiasm. This shows an excerpt from the protocol: ” squirrel becomes new mascot, was baptized on the name: Karl-Friedrich.” followed by the message: ” the squirrel fell asleep due to terror.”

Little Karl is currently at a wild animal rescue center and is reported to be doing fine.

Beware the baby squirrels. There have been reports that certain squirrels can be aggressive. Leave wildlife alone.

(Photos of baby squirrel Facebook Polizer Karlsruhe)

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