Baby fawn helped to reunite with her mother by Marin County deputies

In Mill Valley, California, a curious baby fawn was able to be reunited with her mother on Saturday with the help of Marin County deputies, who kept the baby deer in a patrol car for safety.

According to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook, deputies had responded to reports of the fawn standing in the roadway. Residents in the area tried to stop and detour traffic until the baby could find her mother, who had been standing in the distance. Sometimes the “best laid plans of mice and men” takes on a direction of its own however:

“Recently, deputies were called to an intersection, as a baby deer was in the roadway and separated from its mother. Neighbors were holding back traffic as we attempted to reunite the two. While trying to encourage the baby deer to head towards her mother, she jumped into our patrol car to get a look around. After a quick look around the patrol car, we were able to walk the deer over to its mother, where they went running into the woods. The great thing about working in our communities, you never know what you can come across,” the deputies posted on their Facebook page.

And so the tiny curious fawn carefully explored the police vehicle.

“This is what happens when tiny little baby deer get stuck behind your patrol car seat,” Sgt. Michael Brovelli can be heard saying as he tried to coax the little guy out of the car. “Going for my coffee?”

The baby deer was reunited with her mother and the two ran off into the forest – just as it should be!

(Video and photos courtesy of Marin County Sheriff)

Check out the video. What a difference some awesome deputies can make rescuing wild life.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Great job police. Reuniting the doe with her fawn without any incident happening. This is the way rescues should be without shooting the animal first and then asking questions later.


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