Authorities rescue sedated tiger cub in Express Mail package

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A two-month-old sedated tiger cub was rescued on Wednesday from Tiaquepaque, Jalisco in Mexico stuffed inside of a blue plastic box with newspaper as packing. Authorities heard noises coming from the Express Mail package, and with the help of detection dogs sniffed out the baby Bengal tiger.

According to the New York Post, the cub had been sedated and packed with no food or water. The container had perforated holes to provide air to the tiny animal. The cub was intended to be shipped to Queretaro from the Nueva Central de Autobuses, and is currently in the care and safety of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The cub has been reported to be doing well. An investigation is now underway.

Bengal tigers are an endangered species; there are less than 2,500 left living in the wild and have decreased due to the loss of their habitat, being hunted for their fur and traditional Asian medicines.

Last year authorities intercepted several white tigers as well as a black bear being smuggled.

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6 replies
  1. Darla G says:

    OMG, just when I think I’ve heard it all. Maybe I’m mistaken but shouldn’t it be fairly easy to figure out who purchased the Express Mail packaging? Or am I thinking of Fed X or UPS? Anyway, I’m glad the little guy was found and is okay. People are so effing stupid.

  2. Helen says:

    Unbelievable! I’ve heard of everything, but this takes the cake. Box the idiot who did this and mail the sealed box to the local jail!

  3. Red says:

    OK…. how simple THIS SHOULD BE. You have where it is going and a name. You have a return address and name. YOU HAVE INFO…………..USE IT AND PROSECUTE the A.H. that did this!! Make it such a huge penalty no one finds it beneficial to ever try this again!!!!! This precious baby lucked out, it was discovered before dying in that plastic box, or worse….making it to the person who ordered it and would do who knows what to it!


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