armed robber killed family's dog

Armed robber shot family’s protective dog, ‘he was a very good boy’

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On Wednesday evening, an armed robber, running from the police, shot and killed an Albuquerque, New Mexico, family’s senior dog. The 11-year-old dog, named Bartleby, belonged to Liz Hewitt’s family – she told KRQE News, ”

He was a good boy. He was always a very good boy and my big guy is gone. I hope that he will protect over us in the after life,

Bartleby was in his family’s yard when the armed man jumped a fence and shot him in the eye – the faithful dog ran to his family. His owner said, “When he was shot, unfortunately, he ran into the house and wanted to make sure the kids were okay.”

The man who shot the senior dog, who had been with his family since the time that he was adopted from a shelter as a puppy, was killed by the police – his name has not been released.

Even though the man killed the Hewitt family’s beloved dog, they have a forgiving spirit. Liz Hewitt explained:

I don’t want to judge anybody for their actions, you know? Everybody’s living their own lives and it can be very hard,”

(Screenshot via KRQE News)

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5 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    This family is forgiving but most of us are not since we read so much of this type of killings or shooting of our pets that to give any sympathy to the vile monster who did this is very impossible to do. We all have problems that we are dealing with on a daily basis but to shoot a families dog for no reason I find impossible to forgive in any way. Pray this family can find solace in their dog coming to them for help. In his own yard with his family inside, glad the police shot and killed this cretin.

  2. Barkley's Mome says:

    My condolences to this family but to forgive such a dastardly deed wouldn’t be in MY heart. I’m glad the POS was killed, saves the tax payers taking care of his sorry ass for the rest of his miserable life!

  3. Stephen Phillips says:

    Soryry, but NO FORGIVENESS here: Bastard got what he deserved!

    Only shame was that he WASN’T killed BEFORE shooting this hapless, precious companion!

    Rest-in-peace, sweet Bartleby…

    Rot in hell, you F*CKING FELON!


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