Arkansas man sentenced to 25 years in prison for choking woman and killing puppy

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In Bentonville, Arkansas, a 24-year-old man was sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to choking a woman and killing her puppy.

On Tuesday, Dusten Blake Ward pleaded guilty to domestic abuse and animal cruelty charges dating from October 22, 2017 after Ward choked the woman, smashed her head to the floor and beat her with a metal pipe during a heated argument over a puppy. Ward then hit the 11-week-old  puppy named Dez repeatedly with the metal pipe killing it. The woman was transferred to the hospital for injuries suffered.


According to 5NewsOnline, Ward was arrested by Benton County Sheriff’s Office deputies and charged with first-degree criminal mischief, aggravated assault on a family or household member and aggravated animal cruelty — all felonies. The couple reportedly had just become engaged, but it wasn’t long before a plea to adopt a puppy began to swirl around on social media. Many people reached out to help, but the puppy’s owner never replied.  A petition stated the following:

“On Sunday, October 15th 2017, A newly engaged woman posted desperate pleas on Facebook and Instagram stating that she needed to find a home for her 11 week old puppy. Her posts were vague, but she mentioned that the puppy needed to be gone as soon as possible due to “danger in the house.” Several people commented on her posts, and even directly messaged her with the intent to adopt the puppy. She would not answer anyone’s questions about who was going to harm the puppy, or why the puppy was in danger in the first place…”

Benton County Circuit Judge Brad Karren sentenced Ward to 25 years after he was charged as a habitual offender. He will have to abide by a suspended sentence agreement for 15 years after his release from prison. He also has to pay $1,170 in court costs.

(Photo of man sentenced to 25 years in prison via BCSO)

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  1. Please send a note to thank the judge for taking this so seriously
    Honorable Brad Karren
    201 Northeast 2nd street
    Bentonville AR. 72712

  2. The same needs to be done to this cretin in jail by the inmates. He should be shown no mercy and be in jail for the full 25 years. He is danger to animals as well as people. Should never be considered anything but a murderer. If he had killed his fiancee, he would have been in jail for life. Girl should have taken this puppy to a shelter if she was that afraid for her 11 week old pup, now because of her lack of taking action, this pup is gone. She knew something was going to happen and she was probably too afraid of him to do anything.

  3. Now if he hadn’t killed the woman but just killed the puppy he get a slap on the hand and to me that’s not right.

    • He didn’t kill the woman but you are absolutely right – if he had not severely injured her his sentence would have been minimal for an innocent dog who deserved much better than to be subjected to such a hunk of sewer slime’s anger. He only got such a severe sentence because of her injuries.

  4. O Dusten Blake Ward I hope every one of the 25 years in prison is one of daily abuse, intimidation, and blatant cruelty – your punk white ass should be a real treat to every predatory inmate who wants a piece of you. May you be terrified every damn day and be used, abused and be the girlfriend of the whole cellblock – and all the CO’s just look the other way. You deserve no less.


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