April the giraffe: America’s favorite long-necked mom pregnant again

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April the giraffe – America’s favorite long-necked mom is pregnant again came Wednesday’s announcement. It was just last year in April when Animal Adventure Park in Harpusville, located in upstate New York, announced the news about the birth of her little calf named Tajiri.

April’s pending motherhood  extravaganza will  be her fifth calf and her mate Oliver’s second calf. The park boasts some of the largest pens in the nation as far as room for the giraffes to stretch their legs, and the indoor housing section is meant for additional care and health of the animals as well as educational enrichment for the appreciation and knowledge of the species.

“The results are in and we are having a baby!,” stated park owner Jordan Patch on the TODAY show.

Try to imagine – moms all over the world – giraffes are pregnant for 15 months; at birth the calf will be nearly six foot tall and weigh in about 150 pounds upon delivery. No one knows if Tajiri will be welcoming in a little baby sister or brother, but the blessed event will be live-streamed and available in  the spring of 2019.

There have been hints on the park’s Facebook page that April might have been hiding the news. The park had mentioned they had been evaluating a month’s worth of samples “to test whether or not we’re expecting another giraffe calf.” Samples meant “giraffe poop.” Not too much guessing to determine if April had been hiding a secret. So it would seem 15-year-old April, 6-year-old Oliver and Tajiri are expecting another family addition.

Giraffe populations have declined by 40 percent in the last 30 years – wonder why all those trophy hunters continue to say it’s good for the giraffes to kill them?

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  1. susispot says:

    It wasn’t that long ago we were reading stories of zoos killing giraffe babies as there was no “need” for or a place for them. Is there now a need and a place for them? I want to know this baby will be allowed to live.

    • Nadya Anne Wall-Rossi says:

      The much publicized San Diego Zoo killed Andy the Giraffe years ago. They stuffed him into the back of a pickup truck and planned to drive him to a 3rd rate zoo in South America. He died of thirst, hunger and heat stroke on the way there. Zoos are not about the animals. Its all about the Benjamin’s.


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