Investigation after dogs hurled

Alleged cruelty, shared on social media, is under investigation

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Police have confirmed that a case of alleged animal cruelty, posted over the weekend to social media (shared initially on Instagram and then posted via users of Twitter and Facebook), is currently being investigated. According to WAFB News, the concerning situation is being investigated by Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

The post in question shows a young man, possibly a teenager, hurling two leashed dogs through the air. The dogs survive the throw, and appear to run back towards the man, but their current condition is unknown. Social media users believe that the youth in the video is a student at Plaquemine High School.

However, the high school has denied that the suspect is a student – a statement from the school has been released on Twitter:

Investigation animal cruelty

According to the Louisiana SPCA, the incident is outside of its jurisdiction.

Prior article about this situation here.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page

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9 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Well, SOMEBODY knows who this person is! Speak up and it will be the greatest feeling in the world that you actually helped apprehend this person!

  2. pamela bolton says:

    Arrest the boys AND their parents. They taught them that it was alright for them to treat animals like that. Tie a leash around their necks and swing them around like they did the dogs and see if they like it. Thugs….

  3. Red says:

    Maybe someone should swing him by his baggy ass pants…..only pull them around his neck first!! Until the legal system makes animal abuse something monsters FEAR to do…. it will not stop. At this point, people just get a swat on the hand and told “no no”. This low life, scuz bucket, sorry excuse for a human should be thrown in jail, no trial, no mercy, no NOTHING….throw him in a jail with an animal lover and walk away.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Or take his useless punk butt, hogtie him and throw him in the nearest swamp – let the gators deal with him.

  4. J. Martin says:

    Disgusting POS!!!. Would love to hurl this cocksucker into the path of an oncoming train or equally large vehicle. And “if” that SHIT PILE dies … G O O D!!!!!

  5. ba says:

    At this point who gives a rats ass if this feces is with the school…someone knows this shitbag and the dogs need to be taken away and saved! they could have broken bones from this POS hurling them and strangling them with there collars OMG…investigate and jail this worthless punk but get THE DOGS!!!! this pile of shit enjoyed what he did and could have killed them…they need to get this worthless scum and lock his ass up, but toss his ugly ass around by his neck off a building first OMG…..

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of these so called ‘animal cruelty’ organizations who become blind and refuse to take action against abusers – ‘outside their jurisdiction’ is just another lousy excuse to DO NOTHING. These dogs need to be rescued from this punk bastard NOW. This is a major reason animals are continuously abused and the authorities play the jurisdiction game. It is in SOMEONE’S JURISDICTION and they need to step up and find this useless maggot – what the fuck is wrong with these places that claim to help animals and when need to step up – they become blind, deaf and dumb?


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