Alabama couple left two dogs to starve in backyard

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In Bryant, Alabama, two people have been charged with animal cruelty after authorities found two starving dogs in the backyard. Deputies from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office animal enforcement division stated the neglect and abuse had been one of the worst they had seen.

According to WhntNews, Helena Moses and Joseph Fisher were arrested late last week after authorities responded to an anonymous tip about a dog being mistreated and starving at the couple’s home. Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tony Wilbanks responded and was shocked to find an emaciated Doberman pinscher weighing 37 pounds; a dog of that breed and bone structure should weigh at least 70 pounds.

“When the caller told me that she believed it was a Doberman, when I saw the dog I couldn’t tell what breed it was because it was so underfed and malnourished,” Deputy Wilbanks stated. “It was basically skin over a skeleton walking around. It was bad.”

“I could actually put my fingers together and touch fingers around the dog’s midsection.”

A smaller dog was also found on the property appearing malnourished. The owners were ordered to rush the dogs to a veterinarian by the end of the day, however Moses and Fisher disappeared. The dogs were then taken to an emergency veterinarian hospital by authorities;  the attending vet stating this was the worst case of neglect and abuse she had seen in a long time.

No underlying reasons for the dogs’ condition could be found; they were starved nearly to death. The Doberman is currently recuperating with a foster family and the smaller dog is being cared for at the Scottsboro/Jackson County Animal Shelter.

On the dogs’ fundraiser page, Jenny & Suzie Recovery Fund, donations are currently being made to help. Everyday their condition is improving.

Moses and Fisher bonded out of jail paying $300 each.

(Photos of Alabama dogs nearly starving to death Facebook)

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Just a ridiculously cute puppy…

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  1. Franki says:

    This made me cry. I hate seeing anything mistreated this way. What kind of crap is a $300 dollar bond. I say they get the same treatment as they gave to these innocent babies.

  2. Kat says:

    $300 bond?! What a joke! They’ll just disappear and do it again somewhere else! When will these states get tougher laws and bonds on these abusers!?


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