‘Aggressive’ dog struck by police car captured and safe

In Newark, Delaware, the surviving dog Newark police stated was “aggressive” and foaming at the mouth last week was captured by the Office of Animal Welfare on Thursday evening. An animal control officer was able to leash the female German shepherd mix without incident.

Newark police officers in Delaware were videoed last Friday trying to capture two stray dogs for over an hour when they intentionally struck the animals with their vehicles. Police stated the dogs had been aggressive and charged and growled at them while they were trying to capture the animals. Officers then said the dogs were a danger to people in the area and intentionally hit the dogs with their patrol vehicles. One dog was fatally shot by the officers, and the German shepherd ran away.

“The dogs were simply hanging out under a tree in a grassy area. However, as the police presence grew, they formed a line behind the dogs and continued to yell at them and eventually chase them around the building,” witness Ashton Cleveland said. “It quickly escalated to the cops and [animal control officers] chasing these scared dogs down the street and cornering the pit bull and shooting it multiple times.”

“Newark Delaware Police Department I am sickened by your officers actions today. They cornered and taunted stray dogs that were initially acting FRIENDLY to the point that my friend almost had them leashed. I, an SPCA employee, and my friend a very recently former SPCA employee of 3 years were told to back off and threatened with arrest while trying to save the dogs. They drew their weapons instead of using catch poles and then SHOT ONE OF THE DOGS. Then, gave us a THUMBS UP after killing this dog. Then another officer went out of his way to run the other dog over with his SUV. You should be ashamed. Complaints are being filed.”

According to the Newark Post Online, the female dog is now at Brandywine Valley SPCA. The dog will be quarantined for the next ten days to ensure she does not have rabies and then will be made available for adoption.

Police have defended their actions. Authorities continue to search for the person believed to have abandoned both dogs.  Read previous article here.

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13 replies
  1. Jo says:

    Siunds like another police dept is lying about pups again! Will those two officers of mayhem be just let go or will they be terminated or go on paid leave while the authorities sort thru the complaints??? Forcing the pups and the two people who were almost succeeding in getting them leashed to be scared then one is killed and the other hit by a police car on purpose!!!! Sick, sick, sick!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    The actions of these police and animal control officers is reprehensible! They should have let the ones who almost had them captured, do what they obviously weren’t capable of doing. Their actions scared the dogs, so it’s no wonder if they indeed were growling and snarling at the idiots. I’m glad they were able to capture this dog without resorting to the methods used to “murder” the other dog!

  3. Adrienne says:

    If the stupid, scared police officers hadn’t shot one dog dead, that dog would have also be captured and in a shelter and now would have been quarantined for the next ten days to ensure they both don’t have rabies and then made available for adoption. These police officers should be trained when dealing with stray dogs like this and not be so gun happy and want to kill a dog. Shameful and they along with other officers go to further training to learn the right way to deal with dogs like this.

  4. Melissa Gurley says:

    This story is totally disgusting giving a thumbs up ? Did you enjoy hunting these dogs down great example these police are on how to abuse animals that police department should be trained to deal with situations like this this department should be totally ashamed of themselves for the way they abused these animals hope your all happy that you killed this dog really something to be proud of

  5. Red says:

    GIVING A THUMBS UP WHEN THEY KILLED AN ANIMAL after scaring the hell out of them??? FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mary Ann Clark says:

    These officers are dangerous and should NEVER be allowed to carry a gun, drive a car or ever be near animals again! They should get prison time! If there is a petition ,please post it because I would sign and share it!

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of a couple of cops who only want to cover up their cruelty – and their asshole actions were witnessed by SPCA employees who saw what really happened – taunting by these incompetent idiots – and being threatened by these stupid cops by the professionals who could have captured BOTH dogs without incident. But NO – they shot and killed one dog because they had guns they were dying to use – there is no other reason for this idiocy – Newark must be recruiting cops from under rocks – I am sure this is where they found these two dumb frigging assholes. Now the big blue cover up begins – Thank God there were witnesses who I hope will speak up and tell what really happened.

  8. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    It doesn’t make a difference. They could have handled it all differently but NO they had to shoot one and run over another. That is BULLSHIT no matter how you look at it. They all should be fired and charged with this abuse.


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