Unwanted dog out of time

After months, and death of his brother, unwanted dog moved to top of ‘E-List’

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After months of waiting, a handsome dog named Tazz has been moved to the top of the dreaded euthanasia list. Tazz has been held at the Vermilion Shelter in Louisiana for six months – this is not the first plea on his behalf, nor the second. But it may be the last.

Tazz is three years of age and he is described as “calm, gentle and well-behaved.” According to the Animal Aid for Vermilion Area Facebook page, Tazz’s brother already died from complications that resulted from heartworms – he died without ever knowing the joy of a loving home.

How to help this unwanted dog, who is out of time

Advocates for Tazz do not want him to face the same fate as his brother – and he is quickly running out of time. This unwanted dog has been waiting for far too long and now he is on the list that no dog should have to be on. You can help save Tazz’s life by networking on his behalf. Facebook thread here.

Offers to rescue or questions? Please call 337-366-0212 or email aavarescue@gmail.com to help! 

(Image via Facebook)

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10 replies
  1. slv says:

    Won’t someone open their heart and home for this sweet boy? I would take him but I live too far and I have 2 small dogs already….

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    Please someone open your heart and help this poor dog he doesn’t deserve to die I pray he find a home before being murdered

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    REHOMING these very well deserved is Hard anywhere in the USA let alone the South!!! This is the VERY REASON I go BALLISTIC when I SEE HSUS INTERNATIONAL BRINGING in DOGS from ASIA, SOUTH PACIFIC , CHINA ( because they are used for meat) HELL The fact that ONE ( TAZZ) one of the USA”S bred, born, raised in this COUNTRY is going to DIE in maybe hours because he can’t find a home and family… THIS does not make sense to ME AT ALL!!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I agree w/pennysdachshunds 100% – Both the HSUS and the ASPCA make sure there is PR all over for rescuing dogs from China, Korea, Indonesia that are being used for the dog meat trade and I applaud that – BUT – there are dogs here languishing in high kill shelters that need homes and they ignore their plight – there is something very wrong with this – Both these organizations pat themselves on the back, beg for money and literally ignore the dogs in this country being murdered every day – Taz needs a home desperately and will die because these two so called ‘humane organizations’ cannot be bothered. Disgusting.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE help Taz – he deserves a home, not a trip to the death chamber. There must be a rescue who can step up for him – NO dog should ever be put in this position. Taz is a good boy and only wants to be loved. Someone with a big heart needs to open their home for him. These national organizations like HSUS have no problem taking dogs from the dog meat industry and bringing them here and patting themselves on the back for their ‘good deeds’, yet do NOTHING for animals in this country languishing in high kill shelters – this is a common practice by the ASPCA and HSUS – they do nothing to save animals in U.S. shelters but make sure they get all the PR for bringing animals from China, Korea, Indonesia and ignore the dogs here.


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