Plea for unborn puppies

Advocates plea for full term stray dog’s unborn puppies

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A social media push is currently underway for a young, stray dog’s unborn puppies. The pregnant dog, known only by her identification number A5230462, is near her due date, but she is scheduled to be spayed.

The advocates plead for her puppies

On Friday, a public Facebook post explains the sad situation:

Please read- NO SUGARCOATING!!

This term, 1 year old, Unspayed TERM pregnant dog will be spayed on Monday. This means that her term puppies will each be born and one by one will be given a heart stick. This is HORRENDOUS that a civilized society accepts this heinous act of cruelty.

Pregnant dogs should ALWAYS be Rescue only! Why make a dog go through so much pain when you don’t have to?


There’s two partnered LA county rescues who will take her and her unborn babies. There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason to make her go through this. She has a private party CTA, and because of that her babies will be killed. Not euthanized, but killed.

The arguments for and against

Some people will argue that there are already too many homeless pets and there is no room in the world for more puppies – others (many others) believe that spaying a full term dog is simply cruel. Those fighting for these unborn puppies are hopeful that the animal control agency will reconsider spaying this young Cocker spaniel and allow her to go to a partnered rescue agency.

Find this dog’s adoption profile here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898
Ask for information about animal ID number A5230462

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An incredible transformation

Pure sweetness


11 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    That’s a bunch of bull you have people that are willing to take the dog why would you not want to save the pups you should name this private party immediately let us all know who wants to murder these unborn babies

  2. Maureen De says:

    The protesters that protest at abortion clinics should protest here…

    This,is INHUMANE I hope she gives birth
    Before these monsters kill her babies…

    The story speaks volume about America the people in it, the value placed on Life and how heartless we have become.

  3. Julie K Eliason says:

    How could you be so cruel and hard hearted, if you carry out this threat, I hope you are arrested and charged with animal cruelty! SHAME on you! STOP this plan right now!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    I am glad I came back to this site on Halloween Night and saw they allowed the pups to live…. Hurray for the adovacates!!!!!


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