Adorable rescue kittens turned out to be bobcats: 3 people bitten

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In San Antonio, Texas, a kind family who thought they were rescuing abandoned domestic kittens turned out to be bobcats. Although they are undeniably cute, the little ones bit and scratched three members of the human family who found them. The injuries were minor. Bobcats have much larger fang teeth than domestic kittens which is what prompted the family to look them up on Google.

According to San Antonio Animal Care Services, spokesperson Lisa Norwood stated the kittens were found in an alleyway. It was when the family brought the kittens into their home and tried to feed them milk, that the baby bobcats bit and scratched. On their Facebook page, Animal Care stated the kitties – one male and one female, are now being quarantined at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Kendalia, Texas.

“When kittens are fortunate enough to be left in the wild and in the company of their mother they will remain in her care and learning survival skills from her for 10 to 13 months,” stated the rescue founder, Lynn Cuny.

According to ABCNews, Cuny added would-be good Samaritans should not tamper with wildlife and to leave the animals alone. The mother could have been hiding from humans or hunting for food.

The neighboring area where the babies were found has undeveloped areas where wildlife still roam. As of the latest report, Cuny states the kitties are doing fine and caregivers are hoping to reunite them with their mother, however she has not been spotted. For now, the little ones are being handled as little as possible so they do not become used to humans. They are being quarantined in a secluded area where they can hear the sounds of nature and the outdoors.

The two are extremely bonded and sleep on top of each other. Admittedly it’s over the top adorable, but if they can not be released back into the wild with a good chance of surviving, they will live at the rescue’s 212-acre sanctuary.

Please everyone – leave wild animal babies alone. The chances are good their moms will return for them.

(Photos courtesy of San Antonio Animal Care Services)

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3 replies
  1. Nadya Rossi says:

    The people that rescued them were doing a good deed, a kind thing. We need more people like them. I came face to face with a bobcat some years ago. We looked at each other intently, then she just trotted away. It was a magical encounter.

  2. Ivey says:

    I think most people wouldn’t bother wild animals, but the article clearly stated that they thought these kittens were domestic.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    You sure can’t blame the family who thought they were domestic kittens – they were only being good Samaritans attempting to help them. Many people, including myself would have made the same mistake. I do not understand how these kittens could ever be reunited with their mother as they have been handled by humans and she may reject them. A sanctuary would be the best option for them – their mother could have been killed by some jackass who get their kicks by killing wildlife and the little ones left to starve.


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