Adorable chihuahua makes U-turn when its time for his medicine

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Somewhere in Northern Territory, Australia, an adorable chihuahua has the habit of making a U-turn when its time to take his medicine. A video, captured earlier this week, shows tiny Sox trying his best to disappear the moment he spots his owner carrying the syringe of medicine the pooch obviously doesn’t like.

Sox turns around to hide behind the door, however he didn’t make provisions to hide his tail; which is oh so obvious.

“I hated giving him medicine he hated it so much. He was saved from a property with his brothers and sisters (a litter of ten) and a lot of other animals that were badly abused,” Sox’ owner wrote.

“His sister had to have her leg amputated, and he has two broken ribs that have set outwards because no one noticed until we did.”

The stubborn little pooch, however is quite the devoted and loyal companion his owner added. Who couldn’t fall in love with this angel?

“He is skittish, needy, neurotic and the sweetest, most loving and intelligent dog we could ask for.”

Check out Sox’ video and don’t forget to smile. We so do love our rescue pooches don’t we?

(Photo of adorable chihuahua via video freeze shot)

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