Adorable 12-week-old border collie dumped on side of Texas road

Why would anyone abandon a friendly 12-week-old border collie and Labrador mix on a street in Red Oak, Texas? Was the puppy too expensive to feed? Did the puppy urinate in the house?

On Friday, the Red Oak Animal Control and Shelter, received a call from a Good Samaritan stating he had witnessed someone dumping a puppy at a well-known dumping area in Red Oak. The caller explained he didn’t stop to rescue the border collie pup, but wanted to inform the shelter where the little guy had been abandoned.

This adorable little one will be available for adoption on April 3, 2018. If interested in adopting, come to the shelter and check out all of the great pets who still need homes.

The following video was made just ten minutes after the call came into the shelter. Check it out. Why would anyone dump something so cute and friendly. Listen to her crying because she was so frightened and grateful at the same time. Many thanks to the heroes who rescue these loyal companions.


For more information, contact the Red Oak Animal Control and Shelter at 411 W. Red Oak (1,078.29 mi) Red Oak, Texas 75154  (469).218.7721 Get Directions

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13 replies
  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Poor little doggie ???? how horrible creeps are I am glad someone found him & he will be taken care of god bless bg

  2. Theresa says:

    Look at that precious baby I don’t know how anyone could drop that sweet dog off like that you have to be a fucking piece of shit heartless fucking dirt bag

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    How sad how people dump these poor dogs why doesn’t anyone ever get a license plate these people need to be punished but always get away with it

  4. Marni says:

    What a heartless act of cruelty and selfishness. There are so many shelters, that monster could have taken him too. Thank you to the heroes who saved him.

  5. Cynthia Johnson says:

    This is a suggestion if the area is well known to dumping animals why not put on security camera so u can get tag numbers so the people dumping these animals can be held accountable. They starting doing this in Redlands Florida a known dumping ground for animals and it has started to help with the amount of animals dumped and it’s helping with getting the people dumping them so they can be held accountable for their actions.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a heartless POS to dump this precious pup like that. Bad enough they don’t want the poor pup, but leave her along the side of the road in danger of being killed is disgusting. Prayers she finds a loving home.

  7. Luana Duncan says:

    Wow!! What is wrong with people??? How can u just dumping ur baby off in somewhere so obsolete??? I’m so happy u guys found him! I pray he’ll find a good 4ever home!! He is such a cutie!!!

  8. pennysdachshunds says:

    I am SO GLAD that this Shelter and town appears to be more supportive of the rescue and good treatment of strays than Harris County … Hopefully she will find PEOPLE THAT ARE CARING … her former owners should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE… I thank the Person that CALLED THIS LOVELY LITTLE ONE IN FOR HELP!!!

  9. Pamela Bolton says:

    The creep that dumped this puppy needs staked across an ant hill and left. This dog is adorable. HELL is waiting for the dumper !

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    WHY didn’t this person who saw the puppy being dumped DO SOMETHING??? Reporting it is fine and good, but to just drive away and leave an innocent defenseless dog to fend for itself does not speak well of this person. They left this puppy and did not know or care that it could easily have been killed in traffic – Wow – some people are just too uncaring about those who cannot defend themselves. No way would I consider the caller a good Samaritan – a good Samaritan would have stopped and made sure the dog was safe – but at least this little guy was rescued – now PLEASE adopt this little guy – he deserves a safe loving home.


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