Adopter who turned pet pig Molly into bacon apologizes

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The person who adopted Molly, the pet pig from the BC SPCA in January, has apologized via social media for killing and eating her. On Facebook, the resident of Vancouver Island who goes by “Austin Manson Forget” explains:

“I promise that I did not adopt Molly with the intention of killing her, it was only when she became aggressive with my partners dog and had tried breaking through our glass door that I made the decision to have her put down. I understand and invite people to have their own opinions on the matter, but please understand that I am still human. I realize that what I did was wrong, and I cannot fix it, I can only continue to apologize.”

The BC SPCA of Cowichan and District branch had welcomed Molly the pet pig into their rescue organization after she had been rescued from a cruelty investigation. The pot bellied pig had been carefully nursed back to health by volunteers from the organization  and adopted out to a family on January 19. Less than one month later, came the disturbing news that Molly had been killed and eaten. According to Global News, it was Brandee McKee who discovered what had happened to Molly.

The Vietnamese potbelly pig was killed on February 16. Austin posted that he wanted to assure everyone that “Molly died humanely and it was not done for fun or for sport.” According to Austin’s story, Molly became aggressive. And although he now says he realizes he made a mistake, online animal advocates remain angry why he didn’t notify the BC SPCA and returned Molly. Austin went on to say he and his partner have received death threats since the pig’s tragic story has gone viral.

“I have owned animals throughout my entire life and I have never considered taking any of my pets’ lives, they have all lived healthy and happy lives,” Austin posted on Facebook. “I am a huge advocate for standing up against animal abuse. If I could do more, I would, however I am a young adult and I feel that I’m trying to the best of my ability to right my wrongs.”

Austin also addressed the videos and the recipes he bragged about on social media’s Snapchat; now stating he is well aware how insensitive and inappropriate his postings had been.

(Information via Global News)

Read more of the original story here. Rest in peace Molly. What happened to this pet wasn’t fair.

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  1. He can apologize all he wants (and I really don’t believe he’s sincere) – it’s not going to bring Molly back. She came from such a horrible situation and the volunteers who nursed her back to health used their time and effort to do so, out of love for her. This is such BS. Molly should have been returned so she could be adopted out to a FOREVER family. RIP sweet baby.

  2. I say BS……he is trying to look human……..doesn’t work. This poor animal had been abused and “carefully nursed back to health”…..and the only thing this POS could do was kill her?
    Sorry….. your excuse does not fly. You should have returned her NOT EATEN HER YOU MONSTER!

  3. I’m also an animal advocate and I still can’t understand why you didn’t return Molly to the SPCA. Did you ever consider Molly could have adjusted better with a different family with no pets? In any event, what’s done is done and you have to live with your poor judgement.

  4. He’s old enough to know right from wrong and deserves the same fate as he gave poor Molly. You’re a freaking asshole who is now trying to make amends, there is no amends for Molly who you adopted as a pet. You deserve every death threat you get ass, I can only hope one comes true and you can apologize to Molly when you pass each other, she’s going to heaven and your going to hell.

  5. I don’t think he should be allowed to own another pet again. I don’t trust him. And the pig becoming aggressive with his partners dog?? Really?? Then why didn’t he return the pig to the rescue instead of eating it?

  6. BFD – Faux contrition, FAR too late to matter to anyone, especially Molly!

    These heinous actions (slaughter, and “recipe posting/bragging”) took FAR too much planning and effort to be later reconsidered with expressions of regret… ONLY proffered after justifiable outrage was and continues to be voiced!

    Short of physical violence, you deserve all the wrath raining down upon you…

  7. Too late for a apologize that doesn’t bring back this poor pig it had been through enough then you kill her you should be very ashamed of yourselfs why didn’t you just give the pig back I think your intentions were evil when you got the pig you are just back paddling because everyone found out

  8. This just sickens & deeply deeply hurts my soul. You can NEVER make this right. You should suffer everyday for this. May the guilt overtake you. God will deal with you.

  9. This jerk DESERVES every death threat he gets! The rescue should press charges! Was the adopter Vietnamese, Indochinese or Chinese? Do not let Asians adopt pigs!

  10. your nothing but a piece of SHIT
    It was bad that you had her killed
    you should of return her to the place you go her and then you ate her
    Keep your apologize.We know what you did
    Like I said you are a total ASSHOLE
    You know what you were doing
    She was a pet pig but u will never understand that YOU ATE HER

  11. Is he sorry he betrayed BC SPCA and Molly? or is he sorry he got caught? For someone to laugh after killing and eating a pet they promised to care for and keep safe, doesn’t sound much like he could really be sorry for his actions. No one who is a true animal lover and advocate could do such a horrific thing. He and his girlfriend should be charged with breach of contract.

  12. He apologizes? Funny, he didn’t act like he was sorry when he Snapchatted as he shot, cut her up and cooked her. He looked unapologetic on Facebook, too. He’s just sorry now because of the backlash.

  13. I don’t care what excuses they give, Molly should have been returned to the rescue NOT slaughtered and eaten for their food. She was a pet damn it! She had feelings, trusted humans, had been abused. These are vile heartless humans who only thought of filling their own bellies. They need jail time, a lot of it!!!

  14. Apology NOT accepted. If they were having problems and didn’t want the pig, then take the poor thing back to the SPCA! There is NO excuse for killing that pig and eating it you moron!

  15. BULL***T!!!!!

    He’s only apologizing because he finally had enough brains to understand that killing a PET PIG would make people angry. He didn’t even have enough sense to get it before he brought her home.

    IF there were a concern about his partner’s dog LIVING with Molly beforehand, he would have done what every other adopter does: he would have BROUGHT THE DOG TO MEET HER!!!!!!!!!!

    Did he do that? Obviously not. He simply didn’t have the intention of them ever ‘LIVING’ together, at least, not for any real length of time.

    If he’s an ‘animal lover’, he NEVER would have posted those pictures in the first place. NO ONE WOULD who loves animals! He’s a lying SOS who’s upset because now he’s known to be a lying SOS throughout the world.

    Have you ever noticed, too, that they ALWAYS claim to have received death threats whenever they do something this heinous? People say ‘I hope the same thing happens to them” and AUTOMATICALLY it’s turned into a death threat!

    No one is going to kill him and he knows it, although I hope he suffers from this moment on and that Molly haunts every single dream he ever has. She was trusting. She’d been nursed back to health after being abused and she DESERVED so much more from life than this.

    DAMN HIM!!!! He deserves to rot in Hell for this, and if he doesn’t get it, and I don’t believe for one second he does, he’s as empty as his words make him sound.

  16. Sorry, “half-hearted” apologies after the fact “don’t cut it”……. The new “so-called adoptive pet owners” clearly violated their written adoption agreement and should NEVER be allowed to adopt another animal for life……

    If there was a problem, Molly should have been rehomed…… NOT slaughtered for food…… Besides, pets are injected with all kinds of vaccinations that are NOT suitable for “food supply” animals……

    RIP Molly, humans really failed you…..

  17. I had a feeling the backlash for his actions would come around to bite him. It is known as KARMA. I hope his story will serve as a message to those that might consider a similar action.

  18. This idiot can make up all the lame excuses he wants – if Molly was such an aggressive animal then returning her would have been the humane act – not making her breakfast – this rescue made sure she was healthy and adoptable and then YOU come along and take her promising she would have a good home when all she meant to you was a meal – your piss poor excuses mean NOTHING Austin Manson – I for one, do not believe one word of your excuses – and neither do many others – death threats – tough – live with it – maybe one of them will come true.

  19. I’d like to choke those two lying, low class degenerates to death. They knew exactly what they were going to do to Molly. Why didn’t the BC SPCA vet the adopters? And why are YOU PROTECTING them, by not using their real names, posting their photos? And, you are protecting what passes for law enforcement in Vancouver. Disgusting and unforgivable!

    • I agree with everyone who given a opinion here . I think he’s full of shit and he’s excuses are lame ! You’re a jackass , you should have gotten a donkey instead of pig . It would have suited you better . Please don’t insult our intelligence by you’re bull shit story . You’re need with you’re stupid and cruel mistake .


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