Abuser purposely tortures dogs so kind people will pay money to rescue pups

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An animal abuser is accused of purposely torturing dogs by flogging them in public so kind people will come by and offer him money to rescue the crying pooches. In what has become a despicable business plan for the unnamed man in the city of Jilin, located in northeastern China, witnesses claim this is the third dog the man has sold for more than $500.

According to the Express, a witness recorded a video which showed a small dog mercilessly being beaten with a stick after the man tied the pup to a nearby railing. The pitiful screams of the dog attracted a crowd, and a passerby purchased the dog to prevent it from suffering anymore.

Police have since investigated the situation, however there are no laws in China against animal cruelty for dogs and cats unless they are privately owned by citizens. Fortunately, the pup purchased by the Good Samaritan was not hurt.

When is China going to establish animal protection laws?

The video can be seen at this link, however it is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

(Abuser hitting dog via freezeshot from video via Express)

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  1. When people get tired of this, they will start beating up these people who beat up dogs and it will be like those communities who got tired of thieves stealing their dogs and cornering these evil people and beating them. The Chinese government is victimizing its own people and animals because of it cruel stand about animals.

  2. I hope this asshole is tortured worse than ever & killed so he is hung & dies in a hot desert strangled to death poor doggie u sick bastard you will die asshole asap creeobg

  3. Certainly–there must be a way to stop this! Maybe there are no laws against torturing and/or killing the abuser!

  4. That bastard needs to be tied to a rail and beaten just like he has done to those innocent dogs. He needs to be thrown in Prison. China needs to get with the program and make this shit illegal.

  5. Please, give me 10 minutes alone with this perp. I’m old but wiry. I’ll get new nails that are stronger that this asshole ever thot of. Ten minutes are all that I ask.

  6. Please, give me 10 minutes alone with this perp. I’m old but wiry. I’ll get new fiberglass fingernails that are stronger than anything this asshole have ever thot of. Ten minutes are all that I ask.

  7. This guy needs a dose of his own cruelty – he should be tied to a railing and people should be paid to beat the living shit out of him – he deserves no less. China needs a damn wake up call – they cruelty they turn a blind eye to pretty much shows this country has no compassion for any living being. I call on all caring Chinese citizens to step up and start protesting and insisting that China institute serious animal cruelty laws. Animals have no voice but there are millions of us who do and will never stop.

  8. Sick low life POS needs to rot with cancer. If I look at the video I might fly to China and torture this bastard. Hope he has a horrible short painful life. Sick asshole.


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