Abandoned Yorkie found with rubber band tightly wound over muzzle

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In an area near Avon, Mississippi, a tiny Yorkie is lucky to be alive. A rubber band had been tightly wound around her muzzle twice; the emaciated pooch could not eat or drink. Fortunately a Good Samaritan found her; the Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship in Leland has arranged for the dog’s care.

“…rubber band twice around her muzzle and leaving it there for what could be a week. As swelling began, the rubber band literally cut her to the bone, all the way through her muzzle. Her teeth are visible through the sides of her face even with her mouth closed since all of the tissue is gone. Watching her eat is absolutely heartbreaking!,” the organization wrote on their Facebook page under the Yorkie, now named Sugar, photos.

A reward has been offered by the ARRF for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. Information can be relayed to Ann Fratesi at 662.347.5573.

Sugar remains at the Greenville Animal Clinic. Donations can be mailed to ARRF at P.O. Box 66, Leland, MS 38756. Veterinarians are optimistic that one day Sugar will recover. Please share her story, and help this little dog find some justice.

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13 replies
  1. Mary says:

    What is wrong with our society? The cruelty that is shown to innocent beings is unbelievable. This poor baby had to suffer terribly. I hope that the person that did this is found, and given the maximum. Hopefully, he/she will be punished in other ways for the cruelty that they have shown. Get well sweetie. A lot of people are rooting for you.

  2. Adrienne says:

    OMG!! how could anyone do this to an animal and just walk away? Vile,sub human should have at least dumped this dog in a shelter and say you found the dog wandering the streets. Why do this? Hope they are caught and the same thing done to them. Eye for an eye punishment needs to be the new rule for crimes. Thanks ARRF for helping her.

  3. Animal Advocate says:

    Hope they find the-perp/s and give them the death penalty by starvation with their lips seen together!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Really is NO longer The UNIITED STATES of AMERICA:: With the immigration OUR Country has allowed people from Countries that thrive on “torture” !! Then to top it off The INTRODUCTION of “METH” “DEVIL WORSHIP” “GANGS ” WE have ONE HELL OF A PROBLEM ON OUR HANDS.. This practice of ” ANIMAL USED TO BE an ISOLATED INCIDENT or the Serial Killers like Bundy , GracEy, & NOW IT IS A MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO! PRACTICE ! iT IS THE SAME WITH THE SHOOTING IN SCHOOL’S … Our legal system and legislation ( so call representives of the people)needs to get their HEADS OUT OF THE DARK CREVICE and TAKE a REALISTIC LOOK AT WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE IN OUR COUNTRY!!!

  5. Red says:

    Our society today is heartbreakingly void of compassion and care. I have never seen such language being used by the media, politicians, Hollywood….. and it all trickles down to our poor, defenseless animals who have to depend on the wretched humans to live and survive.
    If the courts and judges do not start handing out SERIOUSLY TOUGH SENTENCES and stop just slapping their hand…it will only get worse. The punishment does not scare anyone…..make them PETRIFIED to touch an animal in a mean way!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of human trash that need to be treated as cruelly as they treated this tiny dog – I am sure they will never be found, or if they are, little to nothing will happen due to our crappy judicial system and spineless authorities. So, to exact sweet revenge, I am hoping the maggot puke that did this get their true punishment under the wheels of an 18 wheeler – may they be dragged and end up as nothing more than splatter all over the road. They deserve no less.

  7. Willie hines says:

    Why would anybody protect trash who would harm a defenless animal . somebody must know something .This sub human will do again please have a heart turn in any info you have


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