Abandoned pups waited patiently for their owner to return

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A pair of skinny dogs rested on top of two piles of discarded trash in the Oak Forest area of Houston on Monday. When a volunteer with Pets of Oak Forest, a group of animal lovers who help homeless and abandoned animals in the area stopped to help, animal advocates rallied to offer assistance.

“On the way to work and daycare and saw these babies at Glebe and Hialeah. Look like they need some rescuing,” volunteer Pat Williamson posted on the group’s Facebook page Monday morning.

By Tuesday morning, the dogs were secured, but foster homes are desperately needed. The only alternative would be to send the dogs to BARC, Houston’s animal shelter.

Video #1 (So sweet)


Video #2 (So deserving of wonderful homes)


Video #3 (Male and female)


Foster homes for these two dogs are desperately needed. The above videos tell their stories. Don’t they deserve better than to have been abandoned with yesterday’s trash? If interested in helping, please contact Pets of Oak Forest Dogs and Cats

(Photos of two dogs dumped as trash Facebook Pets of Oak Forest Dogs and Cats. Videos provided by Misty Campen and Oaron Bolton)

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  1. HOPEFULLY they won’t be TAKEN to a Shelter where the Director will feed them dinner and then GO AND they get EUTHANASIA for a BEDTIME SNACK…LIKE that MOM and Her POOR LITTLE UNFORTUNATE PUPPY KILLED IN WOMB!!! by a total “Son of a Bitch” in Dear OLE TEXASS!!!

    • The first link is very much open. Facebook ,Pat William s , I think. She has lots of people wanting them, together???? PLUS LOTS OF PEOPLE OFFERING TO FOSTER, THANK GOD.
      Comments are turned off but made my day reading them. They are SAFE NOW, FUREVER????????
      I have faith in TEXAS VILLAGES???????? THEY DO GET THINGS RIGHT IN TEXAS????????

  2. Amazing how some humans respect animals.Such a beautiful pair please help save and keep together if possible.

  3. There are some people who should never have been born and whoever dumped these two neglected dogs are a prime example. The bastard who did this is the one who should be sitting in a trash pile and no one cares. At least there was a kind caring person who stopped and got them rescued. Now, if a foster home is not found, these two will be abandoned again in a dump masquerading as a shelter only to be killed in record time. This is Texas where animals are treated like disposable objects. I hope the maggot owner of these dogs gets their demise under the wheels of an 18 wheeler – they deserve no less.

  4. So loving and grateful for the attention. I pray they get into wonderful homes. They look like they may be heartworm pos. I hope they are just wormy. Thanks to all that are working to help these sweet dogs.


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