Abandoned orangutan baby discovered crying alone in the jungle

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An abandoned orangutan baby was discovered by local residents crying in the jungle. The little one’s mother has never been found and is feared dead. A compassionate worker at the palm oil plantation in West Borneo reported the crying orphan to his manager.

According to International Animal Rescue, the frightened baby had been crying for its mother, when the plantation worker named Rahman, elected to leave the baby alone that night hoping his mother would return. The next morning, the orangutan baby was still there in the same spot weeping in fear and hunger.

International Animal Rescue (IAR) and Natural Resources Conservation Center traveled to the Tanjung Pasar Village in Ketapang District where the baby was turned over to them. Alan Knight, CEO of the IAR, thinks the mother had been killed by farm workers or illegal hunters. The population of the endangered species, Bornean orangutans has been in a steep decline due to the destruction of their natural habitats and illegal hunting and poaching.

Baby orangutans usually stay with their mothers for at least six years. The baby has been named Rahman after his rescuer and joins the other 109 rescued orangutans.

“We are haunted by the look of deep sorrow in that little baby’s eyes and the sound of him crying weakly as our vet examined him. He clung to Sabri, our orangutan keeper, just as he must have clung to his mother until she was taken from him. He has suffered terrible trauma and loss and will need constant comfort and care during the weeks ahead to help him recover,” the organization posted describing the state of mind  of this one-year infant.

Check out the heartwarming rescue of this defenseless baby. Just look into his eyes.

Please help give him a chance at a life up in the trees where he belongs.

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8 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: I just want to snuggle him & reassure him the world is OK & he will be OK (inspite of the horrors he has been through)……. If I was in the area, I would volunteer to help this precious little treasure…..

    I have held baby orangutans before & they are wonderful to snuggle (when we visit my family in Singapore, we go on special day tours, such as “Behind the Exhibits @ the Singapore Zoo”)……. very worthwhile to do as one learns so much more about the animals and their habitats {& what we as individuals can do to help})…….

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thank God for the villagers who notified these groups so they could rescue this baby. How traumatic this must be for this tiny baby and hope he adjusts quickly with the other orphaned babies.

  3. vicki hood says:

    Please look at this baby and her sorrow. THIS IS BECAUSE OF PALM OIL. Her Mom was probably killed for another land clearing involving habitat for apes, other animals, and tribal peoples. Our planet is being killed little by little by greed. Remember this baby and please do not buy products with palm oil. It is not the healthiest for babies of all kinds. Only consumers can help now. Whole indigenous tribes are being killed off as lands are taken. Be aware and act responsibly.


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