Abandoned in parking lot with note, ‘I can no longer take care of’

In the vicinity of Baxter, South Carolina, a frightened and extremely neglected four-pound dog was left in a pink carrier and abandoned in the Starbuck’s parking lot on Saturday. Next to him was a handwritten note stating:

“I can no longer take care of.”

The dog was brought to the Humane Society of York County where the staff and volunteers were shocked at how abused and neglected he had been. For hours, volunteers worked to shave away his terribly matted fur where his overgrown toenails and open wounds had become raw and embedded. He was dehydrated and anemic – almost impossible to draw his blood to determine his health status. And even worse – the dog now named Latte, suffered a severely broken leg that had been left untreated for an unknown length of time.

“It’s hard to look at, but it’s reality. IF YOU WERE AROUND THE STARBUCKS IN BAXTER TODAY AND MAY HAVE SEEN SOMEONE DUMP THIS BOY IN A PINK CARRIER PLEASE CALL US 803-802-0902,” the Humane Society of York County posted on their Facebook page.


On Monday afternoon, Latte’s condition was updated.

“One of his legs is completely detached/snapped at the bone and will need amputation. Thankfully his blood work came back great and he’s heart worm negative!

That being said, he cannot have his amputation until he has gained weight, and he is still lashing out behavior-wise (which is understandable due to his treatment in the past)”

Latte will be going to a foster home where he will be loved and can gain weight. To help this dog, donations can be made using the link below. You can specify “medical fund” in the special purpose field, and put “Latte” in the dedication section.


(Photos of abandoned dog in parking lot via Humane Society of York County)


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20 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    “I can no longer take care of.”? Sounds to me they weren’t taking care of the poor dog in the first place. The dog should have been surrendered long before this. Long before letting him suffer so! How I hate humans that do this!

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I hope he doesn’t get put down for lashing out, he’s in pain and that’s all he knows how to do! Please show him that some humans can be very kind.

  3. Red says:

    Bless this poor baby’s heart!! I will NEVER, EVER, understand why people get pets that they REFUSE to care for them!!! If is evident this poor thing has never been taken to a vet for any preventative or NEEDED care. Hope the A.H. who owned this poor thing in found and made to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Darla G says:

    “I can no longer take care of” should have been written MONTHS ago for this poor baby and then be surrendered to the humane society and not a parking lot. I hope they find out who dumped him.

  5. Theresa says:

    To the owner you leave a note I could no longer take care of him you never did take care of him you fucking worthless piece of shit

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    Horrific !! Horrific! Horrific!!! Sad thing from the note with this little guy it appears the individual may have been homeless , broke , disabled but tried to the best of their ability. The poor little thing hadn’t been covered with burns or eyes gouged out!! OMG at least he was left at a popular place where he was found right away… Bless his little heart…

  7. Adrienne says:

    How could someone let this dog get to this condition?It didn’t just happen overnight and he/she/they certainly did nothing in years to help this dog. A broken bone that cracked and now this poor dog needs an amputation. Hope he gets the care he needs to restore his faith in people. Thanks foster parents for taking him.

  8. Melissa Gurley says:

    That poor baby why didn’t the owner reach out and try to get some help for this poor dog he’s acting the way he us because he has been abused and is scared another person is going to hurt him hopefully with the right care and love he will bounce back

  9. Julie Enos says:

    Yes he should have been brought in sooner. Thank you ???? to everyone that has taken care of him so far and Thank you ???? to everyone that will have him in the future. I am sorry but I cannot donate any money at this time.

  10. susispot says:

    I hope Latte realizes he is being helped and begins to feel the love. He looks so pitiful. I can’t wait to see him healthy and playing without fear. God bless him with healing and strength for his surgery.

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    ‘Can no longer take care of’ is a bunch of crap – try ‘CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO TAKE CARE OF’ since Latte was obviously abused and neglected for a long time. Whoever owned this little one needs a fatal date with an 18 wheeler – too spineless to do the right thing – a useless sack of overripe garbage is what this asshole is and always will be. Hope little Latte recovers from his horrible ordeal and gets the safe loving home he definitely never had.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Totally agree! If the person was broke, homeless , etc. they could have surrendered him to a shelter. How did his leg get broke? Definitely an abuse/ neglect case. The perp should receive the death penalty! I hope the little guy recovers, and can get into foster care or a furever hime with a home inspection and background check on potential adopters . I wonder if they had a child would they leave him/ her at Starbucks with a note attached?

      • Bunny Peters says:

        I pray that Saint Francis looks after these neglected precious little treasures & that they get out of their bad situations ASAP……

        Thank goodness this precious little treasure is safe!!!!!

        I hope he recovers ASAP and finds a furever home where he will be a treasured family member…… if he were in Northern California, I would love to have him, but I have tried (& failed) in the past to find transportation for furbabies……..

  12. Bunny Peters says:

    Rescued is my fave breed and they are all special treasures who want to love and be loved……

    I pray that Saint Francis looks after these neglected precious little treasures & that they get out of their bad situations ASAP……

    Thank goodness this precious little treasure is safe!!!!!

    I hope he recovers ASAP and finds a furever home where he will be a treasured family member……

    That precious little treasure. When I look st him, my instinct is to want to snuggle him, feed him treats and reassure him all is well in his world…… if he were in Northern California, I would love to have him, but I have tried (& failed) in the past to find transportation for furbabies…….



  14. Jan Barnes says:

    Through love all things are possible! When Latte feels the love of so many, he will respond! As for the “attempted murderer”, this person should face serious charges. Also, serious amends must be made by this sick individual before “karma” kicks in as it always does without exception …

  15. paula calabrese says:

    This person needs to be convicted and do hard time in prison I hope he doesnt get away with it. I’m very surprise that non of the neighbors in the community didnt report these psychopaths to animals control or the human society to have the dog taken away fro them, What the is wrong with people any more, animals arent throw aways or toys if you cant take care of animals DONT HAVE THEM!!!!!!!

  16. paula calabrese says:

    I pray to Saint Frances of Assisi that this dog finds his for ever home if i lived closer i would adopt him in a heart beat i really hope he gets adopted soon she / or he didnt deserve to be abanded like this, I hope again the owners get max do hard time in prison mean whils I hope Karma bites them in the face . thers no excuse for forwhat they did , No excuse for neglect or abuse to animals. I hope the judge throws the book at them,.Karma is a bitch I hope Karma gets them real good scum bags,,,,


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