Abandoned dog lying on road with leg bone exposed rescued just in time

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Had it not been for a Good Samaritan on Saturday afternoon who spotted Shayla lying on the road in southern Texas near Mexico’s border, the young dog would have died from the agonizing infection invading her body.

No one knows how long the black Labrador retriever had been there, and as the woman hurried to bring the dog water, the rescuer quickly understood why Shayla had not moved from that very spot – her back leg had been half way hacked off;  the bone  was exposed and infected with dirt and gravel caked into the wound.


“The Good Samaritan took the first photo to try and get help for poor Shayla abandoned and homeless and severely injured just lying on the road,” wrote Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, on the organization’s Facebook page. “This poor baby has been suffering for weeks like this in pain.”

Shayla has been transferred to the organization’s Texas veterinary partner and has been examined. As of Sunday morning, the dog remained in serious condition; she is in shock and unable to move. Her doctors explained how she had been in excruciating pain with an infection raging as the open wound on her hacked off leg filled with road gravel and dirt.

As soon as she is strong enough to undergo surgery, the rest of the dog’s leg will need to be amputated.

“She laid on the examination table, hopeless and in despair,” Stacey wrote. “I wish she knew that she was safe now and in the best of hands, never to be harmed or mistreated again. Her sad expression is just heartbreaking to see.”

No one knows what happened to this dog; her story will forever remain a mystery. Did a vehicle hit her and sever her leg? Did the driver just not care and never stopped to see what happened? Did someone abuse this dog? Did she get caught in a trap, and in desperation, chewed off the bottom of her leg to escape? She was wearing a collar. Did she have a home? Shayla can’t answer, however her life has changed forever, and now her rescuers have vowed to give this dog everything she will ever need.

Updates to follow.

(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Poor little treasure…… bad prior owners…… Failed her terribly…… could easily have been a tragedy…… thankful she was saved and is being helped to heal……

    Hope she finds a wonderful new furever home where she will be treated as a beloved family member……

  2. Adrienne says:

    RDR of NYC to the rescue and this sweet dog will be well taken care of and eventually find her forever home and family. We need to look to the future for this girl and others who have been rescued and on to better lives.


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