Abandoned in the desert, tiny dog found comfort in old sofa

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Someone just didn’t want her, but instead of asking friends for help, notifying area rescues or shelters, the tiny dog’s owner abandoned her in the desert near the Redlands in California. The frightened dog scavenged for any bits of food, and finally when she could no longer stay awake or find her family, the tiny dog found comfort in an old discarded sofa.

Had it not been for a Good Samaritan, the dog probably would not have survived many more days – too many predators in the desert for one so small and timid. Rescuers jumped into action and set a humane trap, and then they waited. Animal advocate Faith Easdale filled in the details of the group effort:

“She was very scared and needed to be trapped so Bonnie Butler and Jenniefer Short trapped her thank you ladies.Nicole LeAnne kept me in the loop in case we needed more people and more equipment. Once this little baby was safe I drove out to get her. Shari Heywood Jude met me and slept with her last night and brought her to the hospital this morning. Suzette Hall had made arrangements for her to be seen ASAP because she may have a UTI and we are pretty sure she’s pregnant.”

Now named Victoria, this lucky pooch will stay in a foster home and is expected to give birth to a litter of puppies soon. If you would like to help Victoria and other dogs just like her, donations can be made to Dream Fetchers.

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  1. I bet with Victoria being pregnant that is why the owners dumped her there, they didn’t want to contend with the litter of puppies. So instead of getting her spayed months ago they just let her get pregnant and then dumping her in the middle of nowhere, they didn’t even have the decency to drop her off at a shelter because they didn’t even want to pay the fee for leaving her there. How can people be so ignorant and just plain ugly and uncaring?!?!

  2. Every day you hear of people doing this to their so called pet. If it were truly their pet, and couldn’t take care of them anymore, dumping them alone was and is not the right way to deal with these situations, own up and admit to a shelter you can no longer take care of your animal for whatever reason, but dumping her to scavenge and try to survive is NOT the way to do it. Hope they find the owner and make him/her pay all medical expenses.

  3. So sad. Thank you for saving this tiny dog. The heartless SOB who abandoned this tiny pregnant dog in the desert, knowing the pup can not survive, should rot in hell! I hope one day the dirtbag owner find himself/herself in the same situation, but no savior will come along.

  4. What an AWESOME Group of individuals that came together as a team to SAVE this Little Girl that deserves much more out of Life than she has had to endure to till now… This poor little girl is ONE of the So very LUCKY ones in California to have gotten the help… Your and your Rescue Dream Fetchers are doing a Worthy thing… I hope you will keep this site posted on VICTORIA”S progress..

  5. Thank you to all the wonderful people who saved this precious little treasure and her babies????????????

    There is a special place in Hell reserved for the POS’s who abandoned her. They will burn forever for their cruelty…… Hope they get there ASAP after suffering terrible and terrifying deaths alone, in pain and afraid…….

  6. There is no worse predator or horrible creature as a human who does not care for or love animals. If they do not have that ability they have something missing in their hearts and can not be trusted.

  7. Doubly cruel to abandon a pregnant little bit of a dog to a sure death alone in the desert. She was seen by angels and help arrived. It had to be devine intervention.

  8. HUGE THANK YOU to the ladies who stepped up for this little dog. Their dedication and compassion is what saved Victoria – they are heroes. And to the hunks of maggot puke who dumped her – there is a giant dose of street justice awaiting you – what goes around comes around and you will get what you deserve, and I hope it is painful and long lasting. Dumping your worthless butts in the desert would make me very happy.


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