9-1-1:Abandoned in Tennessee as she endured the worst suffering

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Abandoned in Tennessee to scrounge around for scraps to eat, the young dog had endured the worst suffering. Not only was she emaciated, her jaw was broken, an upper respiratory infection affected her breathing and her eyes would sting and water when opened because of the severe infection.

On Monday morning, the suffering dog, now named Hope, has been welcomed to the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC family and is being transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital in Georgia.

“Hope was found in Tennessee with two other dogs,” co-founder of the rescue Jackie O’Sullivan explained. “The finder could only grab her and she was the most medically urgent as you can see. Hope is emaciated, heartworm positive, has erlichia, eye infections, an upper respiratory infection, a large worm burden and it looks like a broken jaw.

To say she is a hot mess is an understatement. She is a 9-1-1.”

Tragically, Hope is one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse seen in quite awhile, but as is often the situation, this dog is extremely sweet and loving. How much can a sweet pup like this endure?


You are safe now Hope. Updates to follow.

Her medical care will cost thousands. To donate, please click below:


(Photos of 9-1-1 emergency for suffering Tennessee dog Hope courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. Hope is in the best hands – RDR of NYC will do the best for her and her recovery hopefully will go quickly and she gets to finally have a loving,caring family of her own. Two other dogs in Tenn. that need rescue and am certain they will be taken care of too. We are blessed to have such wonderful, devoted rescue groups who go above and beyond for these animals. They are truly the best people in the world.

  2. May Hope fully recover and get the safe loving home she obviously never had. And whoever abandoned her – well, they deserve no less than a date with an 18 wheeler and can’t get out of the way – THAT would be justice.


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