45 cats and dogs seized from animal shelter in Arizona

Cats and dogs seized from animal shelter
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Dozens of cats and dogs have been seized from an animal shelter in Arizona. According to multiple sources, 45 cats and dogs were removed from the Az Dog Adoptions shelter in Phoenix following a welfare check which was conducted on Wednesday.

Reason cited for the animals’ removal

As reported by ABC 15 News, officials with the Arizona Humane Society and the Phoenix Police Department were called to the animal shelter for a welfare check. Officials claim to have found dozens of animals who were not receiving medical care, and who were allegedly being denied proper care.

The animals removed

A total of 23 dogs and 22 cats were removed from the animal shelter and taken to Arizona Humane Society. The animals seized are suffering from a variety of health conditions including mange, dental disease and ringworm.

On the AZ Dog Adoptions website, the agency asks for support to provide care for the pets at their agency:

Your support and contributions are what keep our doors open, keep the homeless dogs fed, medically treated, and given a clean, safe place to live until a forever home is found.

The shelter’s Facebook page appears to have been taken down. The animals seized from the shelter will remain in the care of the Arizona Humane Society as the investigation continues.

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  1. The Arizona Humane Society has my utmost respect because I know they do a good job. Thank you for coming to the rescue of these precious little ones. Hope the owner of that so-called shelter is prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

  2. Hurry That This Issue was Addressed and the Animal’s provided proper(HOPEFULLY) Care!!! Now they need to check for embezzlement of funds and supplies by the Putrid Riff-Raff running the place!!!


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