Dogs euthanized

33 dogs put down after being rescued from San Antonio home

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Earlier this month, 49 dogs were rescued from a home in San Antonio, Texas – 33 of the dogs have since been put down. According to KENS 5 News, after the dogs were evaluated by Animal Care Services (ACS) it was determined that most were too feral to save.

dogs euthanized

ACS released a statement about the situation:

“After multiple assessments by the ACS behavioral, veterinary and placement teams, five of the dogs were identified as potential candidates for rehabilitation. This afternoon, ACS partner San Antonio Pets Alive agreed to take responsibility for 11 additional dogs. Due to public and staff safety concerns, the unlikelihood of finding placement for feral animals as well as increasing placement opportunities for adoptable animals, a total of 33 of the remaining dogs were humanely euthanized today.”

Lisa Norwood, the ACS spokesperson, added:

Animal Care Services works very hard to maintain our 90 percent plus live release rate. In fact, the shelter currently has a 93 percent placement rate and ordering euthanasia is the hardest decision we make. But it is a decision that our shelter staff must make when needed. San Antonio is lucky when it comes to available resources for owners: spay/neuter, vaccinations, even a large number of shelters and rescues that can provide advice and guidance. Unfortunately, too many times tough decisions have to be made because someone else decided not to do right by their dogs.”

On April 6, San Antonio Pets Alive posted photos of the surviving dogs on Facebook and wrote:

Each of the dogs will go to a SAPA! rescue partner who will give them the time they need. Every rescue is prepared to give them time to decompress, time to learn their way in a loving home. They will get warm baths, good food in their tummies and lots of gentle care. 

A criminal case against the dogs’ owner is being built.

Video on KENS5 here.

(Screenshots via KENS5)

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7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Earlier this month? How much time did they really give them to “decompress, time to learn their way in a loving home”? An animal refuge couldn’t be found? This is Texas and I question the commitment and wonder how “tough” the decision actually was!

  2. Denise Moore says:

    Just wrong 33 dogs murder and not one could be rehabilitated? WRONG, if Michael Vicks dogs could be rehabilitated these dogs could have been saved. Where is the humanity?

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    And once again Texas proves it has little to no concern for animal welfare. Were these dogs put down due to medical issues OR because it was easier for ACS to kill them rather than rehab and help them???? Just reading the post it sounds like a lot of lip service from this so called ‘service’. No way do I believe euthanizing 33 dogs was necessary – just more convenient.


    33 dogs murdered! These shelters are unbelievable! And the previous owner hope he burns in hell soon enough!


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