300 baby chicks abandoned in North Philly vacant lot

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Fuzzy baby chicks were abandoned in a North Philadelphia vacant lot; 300 of the chirping little ones attracted a lot of attention by local residents on Saturday morning.

According to the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (PSPCA), the organization’s Humane Law Enforcement arrived at the 5500 block of  Whitaker Avenue after several concerned citizens called about the abandoned little birds. Officers arrived quickly and brought all of the chicks to safety.

When the owner of the chicks was located, he told officers he had planned to take over the empty lot to raise the chickens and then sell them for meat, however he never contacted the lot owner. The chicks had not been fed or properly cared for or housed.

In a statement from the rescue organization, Nicole Wilson, the PSPCA’s Director of Humane Law Enforcement stated:

“We found hundreds of baby chicks had been left in an unsuitable empty lot across from a shopping center. The owner admitted to having chicks there for days and having numerous chicks lost through transportation and inadequate housing. The owner estimated that he had lost over 1,000 chicks prior to the discovery of the birds.”

The chicks will be raised and put up for adoption or turned over to rescue groups.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pennsylvania SPCA’s cruelty contact line at 866.601.SPCA.

Lucky are the little chicks that survived.

(Photos of the 300 baby chicks discovered via PSPCA)

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