3 puppies die after bees attacked home with excessive clutter

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Three puppies in Glendale, Arizona lost their lives on Wednesday after a deadly swarm of bees attacked the backyard home of Esther Julian. The family dog had recently given birth to six healthy puppies – three puppies died as a result of the bee attacks and a fourth puppy remains missing.


According to the AZFamily, Esther and rescue firemen tried to grab the mother dog, Pixie and her puppies. Ester grabbed her one-year-old daughter and fled to safety indoors. The woman rushed the dogs to their veterinarian where they were given injections, however it was just too late and the pups were stung too many times.

Exterminators were called later in the day and contend the clutter in the yard may have attracted the nearly 30,000 bees to the family’s backyard. There were a lot of soda cans lying in the yard and bees naturally feed off of sugar. The African bees are extremely aggressive and can attack anyone at anytime.

With Africanized honey bees, they swarm relatively fast,” said David Bies with AZ Pollinators. “You look at them or come in contact with their area, most likely they will swarm on you. Bees will go dormant throughout the winter. They will have honey stocked they saved up throughout summer and they won’t come out the minute you go out and rake leaves or do yard work. You’re stirring up bees that have been there for months, and are now pretty aggressive.”

Ester and her daughter were only stung once.

(Family submitted photos)

What should you do if your pet is stung by a bee? Experts suggest removing the stinger with either a pair of tweezers or a credit card. If symptoms persist beyond a minor irritation at the spot where the pet was stung or if any swelling occurs, rush your pet to a veterinarian for emergency treatment.

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  1. More stupidly irresponsible cretins: The agonizing deaths of those precious little souls is entire on you, you dumb c*nt!

    Failure to spay, failure to safeguard and monitor the little offspring, and utter fail to police and provide a safe environment for them to grow and thrive in.

    You brought this horror on, yourself!

    Guess I’m hoping for too much, expecting “trash” to dispose of their namesake…?

    • Agreed. This so called family is terrible…… some people (using the term loosely) should not have kids or pets…… btw: why not have the kids in the family collect all the recycling (as part of their family chores) & they get the refund money deposited into their “fun things” account (that is what my parents did)…..

  2. Go back up and go into ( AZFamily, ) It show pics of the yard
    Shame on them.Dirty people
    They should take the rest away That poor little one that made it is so sad in the video
    It look like my Storm

  3. What a horrible miserable death for these poor babies. RIP sweet little souls, you will never live in filth or be hungry or abandoned ever again.


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