13-year-old dog surrendered – family could not handle ‘responsibility’

Senior surrendered, family didn't want responsibility
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A 13-year-old dog has wound up homeless at a busy California animal control agency because his family decided that they could not handle the “responsibility” of dog ownership anymore. On Sunday, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs explained what led up to Harry’s homelessness:

After 13 years his family could no longer handle the responsibility and now HARRY is in the Shelter alone and confused. His hair was matted, he’s got one good eye and he has been neglected but after his makeover he is feeling so much better and he’s ready to start his new life!

Harry is in the twilight of his life – right now, he should be enjoying a soft bed and unconditional love from his family. Instead, he is alone in a frightening kennel run, confused and scared. Please help Harry find a reputable rescue group, or loving human, to make the remainder of his golden years happy.

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
Ask for information about animal ID number A5146286




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  1. They did a great job grooming him and he will be scooped up. Wish this dog well as well as the others in all the shelters. I can say from experience that taking care of an elderly dog can be costly but you do what you can with the resources you have. The vets understand that you may not be able to spend a lot on their care, but if the dog loves you it won’t matter to them. Now, if the owners have no use for an elderly dog, than they will receive their punishment when they meet their maker. When one of our dogs die, we say we don’t think we’ll get another because it is a lot emotionally as well as costly at times, but we do get another dog and probably end up giving this dog even more love and attention than the previous dog if that is possible.

    • I’m currently caring for 2 geriatric dogs – one has a myriad of significant health problems and the other has some health issues. It’s costly both emotionally and financially but it’s what you do when you adopt a dog – it’s until they take their last breath.

  2. what?? it took them 13 years of this dog feeling like family and feeling safe, for them to suddenly realize they couldn’t do it???????? That is so heartless

  3. What a family of cowards! Evidently nobody was taught that you stick with things and see them through till the end, don’t just quit. Shame on you!

  4. THIS IS a GUPPY FAMILY!!! ( Just like the fish that spawn their eggs & just swim off with out another thought or care as to the often tragic outcome)… Hopefully KARMA will catch up to these total losers!!! May their Children or other Family member strip them of their savings their home and possessions and leave them to Rot in a rundown nursing home and the State of California pay for their sorry asses to be toasted and sit on the self in the basement of the funeral because they didn’t even bother to pick them UP…. their little dog Harry deserved so much better!!!

  5. If a pet is SURRENDERED or ABANDONED the name of the owners should be on a National Directory so they may NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be allowed another be either by adoption, purchasing or even LIVING in the same home as a pet.

    • I agree with you 100% If they can’t take care of what they have then they don’t need another one to take its place. I’d be willing to bet that they have another dog within a few months. A National Directory would be a GREAT idea for people like this and for animal abusers. We need to get to work on just such a Registry.

  6. Since I see we have selective printing of what should be an open forum to the people interested in posting I won’t say anything more about the Gupppy People of California that don’t have any form of responsibility as it won’t get printed … Excuse me this is the USA isn’t it … land of free speech NOT…

    • I’m not sure to what you are referring, but the only posts that are not approved are ones that insult another’s race or religion. Posts are also occasionally flagged that threaten someone’s life. Everyone is encouraged to give their opinions.

      • Well Cheryl I have NOT threatened any lives, and most definitely have Never insulted Any Religion. I have though mentioned the very fact that there is a very large ethnological , racial , population vs other ethnological demographic groups in certain area’s of our country that are extremely violent, cruel, torturous , versus other ethnological groups… that appear to use their own racial identity to say they are being singled out. and when my post about the what I call the Guppy Population didn’t show up till hours after I posted I apparently wrongfully assumed the terminology was not appropriate . the same as the certain lives matter group was apparently not appropriate. Thank you for the clarification

      • Sometimes it takes awhile for an administrator to approve the posts. Please don’t give up and thank you so much for being an advocate for those who cannot speak.

      • Thank you for responding and explaining to me so I now know! I really enjoy your rescue report site. having one rescue Mule ( we had to go to court to remove from where she was) and several rescue dachshunds and a shepherd mix… We know how had other individuals and organizations work and worry over the beloved animals that have no voice.

  7. My Barkley will be 13 in May. Yes he is getting old, doesn’t get around as good as he used to, his pain medicines and supplements are breaking the bank, but he will be with me until he sees fit to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve had him since he was 11 weeks old and to think of not having him in my life breaks my heart. How people can throw away their pets stating they can “no longer handle the responsibility” is plain and simple BS. They should NEVER have taken on the responsibility if they can’t see it through to the end! Only my death would keep me from fulfilling my promise to love and take care of my pets until they die! Shame on these people, and yes I will judge them, there is NO excuse for this!

    • You have a heart of pure Gold Barkley’s Mom: we like you will go to the ends of the earth for those we “have chosen to Love, Protect, and Provide ” till the Higher Power calls them to the Bridge… Barkley is one of the lucky ones to have a vested person in his life!!

  8. Sweet Jesus – another so called ‘family’ who did not want to be bothered taking care of a senior dog – will they dump their kids when they become a bother? This pisses me off to no end – 13 years and these inbred assholes just walk away from a family member. Some people should be hogtied and dumped in the Pacific Ocean. Worthless hunks of maggot puke. Harry deserves a safe loving home and I hope there is someone in the area willing to give him one – Carson is another so called ‘shelter’ who is way too quick to kill and way to slow to take the time to find homes for animals.

  9. i have just about had it with all this…………..how can it be legal to just drop your pet in a shelter that will kill it sooner or later……………..how can shelters be allowed to kill animals………….how can they approve adoption to people without checking them out……………….it is a chain reaction, and it is all bad………………..THE LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED……………………..these things DO NOT happen in Europe…………………….why do they happen in the USA


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