Zoo’s ailing and emaciated lion has died

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Juboraj, Comilla Zoo’s lone lion died on Saturday. His photo, showing the 18-year-old lion as “almost living death,” went viral on social media earlier in November. Many animal advocates accused the zoo keepers of starving him and having been irresponsible.

The zoo, located in Comilla, Bangladesh is comprised of an area of 10.15 acres of land. Sadly, the zoo appears run down and bare. Besides the lion, there are only eight monkeys, three moor fowls and three deer living in the sparse looking facility. At one time, the zoo had been filled with animals, visitors and children laughing in awe as they experienced the wild animals. The declining economy has taken its toll.

According to Star Online, Juboraj had not been eating properly for the last few days and soon after stopped taking food in altogether.

The lion had been brought to the zoo when he was only four-years-old and had lived a solitary life in his enclosure. In recent months his health had deteriorated and veterinarians concluded he could not recover because of age-related illnesses. Bangladesh has no policy about humanely euthanizing aging zoo animals to relieve them of their suffering, and as stated by the zoo’s curator, all they could do was to keep Juboraj under medical care.

Except in clearly regulated environments dedicated to the safety and both physical, mental and emotional health of endangered animals, zoos just don’t make the grade. Rest in peace Juboraj.

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10 replies
  1. Darla says:

    RIP Juboraj. Your suffering is over. I’m sorry you lived such a horrible life of solitude and minimal care. I hate zoos – ALL zoos.

  2. Adrienne says:

    In cases like this, the lion should have been humanely euthanized. Lions die naturally in the wild from age related issues and injuries. Here people have the opportunity to care for an animal, and they do not. Close what is left of this zoo and give the animals to other zoos who can take care of them.

  3. Helen says:

    RIPJuboral, you’re free now. I’m sorry you didn’t live in the wild where you belonged. Living a solitary life must have been a painful existence, as lions are social animals, living amongst their own kind.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    This zoo is a frigging disgrace – this poor animal was alone for his whole life and basically ignored when he supposedly became ill – and he was left to languish – Bangladesh could not be bothered to do one thing to ease his suffering – so typical of these third world countries who have zero consideration for any other species – he was left ill and suffering and still let humans see him – his dignity meant nothing – all for the almighty dollar.

  5. Red says:

    Who ever runs this zoo should be thrown in jail….. the horrible life that poor animal endured is horrific! How in the name of all that is holy could ANYONE not think this was abuse???`


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