Zeus: Maimed dog survives surgery

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In Wilson, North Carolina, the emaciated and severely injured dog who had been abandoned along a country road after someone deliberately abused the pup underwent surgery on Thursday. According to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Zeus survived surgery and is resting comfortably:

“Zeus is out of surgery! As you can see his tail was also mutilated. We are not sure what happened but his tail had to be docked. The penis was necrotic & in horrible condition, so the surgeon did a procedure called perineal urithrostomy which will allow him to urinate properly.

He’s awake and for that we are grateful. Now he will begin to heal both physically and mentally,” Jackie posted on the organization’s Facebook.

Zeus’ story  of rescue began on Tuesday morning when an  urgent plea quickly circulated on social media to help an injured dog; someone had slashed the pup’s genitals and then abandoned him. Although he wore a collar, there was no identifying information nor did he have a microchip A group effort, with a combined small but strong army of animal advocates, launched into action:

“Thank God for Talia Sutton who STOPPED and stayed with Zeus until AC arrived. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for saying YES! Most importantly thank you to the gang at Wilson County Humane Society who jumped in feet first and never looked back. BECAUSE of ALL of you folks Zeus gets his miracle. I know he has a long road ahead of him, but I am confident he will live up to his name, and “shine” through his journey. THANK YOU again to everyone who stepped up,” animal rescuer Kim Edmondson posted on her Facebook page.

No one has come forward with information as to the dog’s previous owner, nor has anyone figured out what may have happened to the young pit bull, but that is all behind Zeus now, and he will never suffer another day. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC frequently accepts the most serious cases of neglect, cruelty, abuse and abandonment; most shelters do not have the funds to help these serious and costly cases. Had Rescue Dogs Rock NYC not stepped up for Zeus, the shelter would have had no other choice than to humanely euthanize him. Please help support this organization help Zeus and more dogs just as deserving.

(Photos of Zeus before and after surgery courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

To donate, Paypal; [email protected] or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/ or
RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY, NY 10028.

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  1. Wishing Zeus a speedy, complete recovery. Thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for all you do for these unfortunate babies.

  2. This IS AMERICA !! THE LAND OF THE FREE & BRAVE. How many of you have FAMILY MEMBERS that have fought for this FREEDOM Since landing on this Continent.. My Grandfather on my Father’s Side Fought in the Spanish American War, Great! Great! Uncle Battle of Little Big Horn (KILLED IN ACTION) Father WWII, Uncle WWII ( both wounded) my very Close Friend ( Vietnam-deceased). They willingly went and fought for the Freedom of each and every one of us and in my heart I know our Animal families were included!!! Our country is being taken over by Psychotic , Cruel, Evil, Criminal Minded , WHO are running free ruthless, and maiming, torturing , committing unheard of wounds, eyes gouged out, limbs cut off, that is increasing in a FRIGHTENING Wave across our Nation… YET our Justice Department sits on their hands and allows this to continue, our police, turn their heads, our city fathers refuse to take a stance against the religious sects running Puppy Mills, in deplorable conditions, across middle America , all the while Snubbing their noses and continuing to main, starve, murder the very animals they are raising for profit!! Dog Fighting, with more and more the leaders often High Up Officials in the area’s this is going on…. This can’t continue!!!! There needs to be input from the Government agencies to CLEAN UP this UNHOLEY Mess!!! I really wonder what our forefathers would be saying if they could see what is happening here….This just cannot keep escalating !!!!

    • Your anti religion platform has been apparant for sometime now.
      What kind of an idiot would say,

      “Our city fathers refusing to take a stand against the religious sects running puppy mills!?”
      Your hate of things you choose to not understand.preceeds you.

      ” White Sheet Party Girl” You are not clear headed enough to know the
      The differance between a sect and an oppertunist, declining “Culture ” who has enormous amounts of un fulfilled farm land where puppy mills are on the sneak and routienly giving up by locals to local athorities.
      How Dare You Imply Religion has Anything to do with Puppy Mills.
      Nice Try, Hater.
      So how do we keep your hate and ignorance from escalating Penny?
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      • She is talking about the “Amish” who run the puppy mills, We had one here gas his whole breeding inventory and puppies because he was too cheap to seek veterinary care (they could have been treated). We had another shoot and kill all their puppies because they had gotten too big and they couldn’t sell them. Others have been cited time and time again for letting the dogs live in horrible conditions and yet nothing is done! So there is the “religious sects ” pennysdachshund is citing and it is VERY real! Now you can start in on me!

      • Barkley’s Mom – You are right about the Amish religious cult – and, they are indeed a cult by definition (without going into details). They are heartless to their animals and they and others shouldn’t be allowed to run puppy mills. I have petitioned lawmakers to ban these but have been unsuccessful so far.

      • Hello!!
        I know penny is talking about The Amish Ya dink!
        Did you miss it “Other white sheet party girl? I said Unfulfilled farm lands!! I know!! The Amish. I got it. The crazy hatful anti christian referance is incorrect. Religion has nothing to do with it. Only penney could work her hate into such an anti christian referance. As usual its a wrong and sickening statement.

        Not all amish christians choose to exploit dogs in hidden puppy mills. I have seen entire tv shows on the subject of none amish kennel workers (basically a 17yr old girl from the area.) as well as people and vets from the area who bring in authorites. Seized amish puppies and their moms are often up for adoption on animal adoption sites.

        This is on the decline not on the upkick. And religion has nothing to do with any of it.
        Thats why i spoke up. Every Amish puppy mill is logged, noted and monatored. Penn. Hates the Amish. Nobody is getting away with any states fathers, I can assure you
        Thats where I make correction.
        Just pointing out this is not a religious sect who has puppy mills its some greedy unchristian amish who condem their own souls hopeing to profit from the misery of baby animals and factory breeding.
        But even Better, the way to stick it to the Amish? hit him in his small purse and give him a court date. They dont like that Biz. As far as any kind of shame or guilt over it. They dont Get it.

        You can stop Barking Now.

      • Well , my dear ignorant or innocent ( I haven’t figured out which category you fit in yet) I am not anti-Crist, or anti -religion, but I am a realist… maybe we all should gather funding to send you to live in a “Religious Sect” for six months … There are numerous ones in our country.. and it just might give you some common sense and insight into just what their kind of Religion is all about… Amish, ( Amish Mafia on TV). ( branches of the Mormon Religion that have broken off so they can have wives by the dozens and children in the figures that are astounding ). Also guess what these and other Yes Religious Sects do raise not only puppies, but other animals that are treated quite inhumane . You need to open your own little “peeps” to the real world out there, before you state berating your elders, Who have actually lived and viewed the real world…

      • Check out the Hutterite colonies ( big in the middle America & Western States such as Montana) …. make their female offspring leave school at the 8th grade level to work in the fields , chicken coops, pig operations, they can’t even eat in presence of the males, servants , more like white slavery, now that might be of interest to you, and yes they have Puppy Mills, in horrific conditions… Speaking of hateful rants, I believe you are attempting to convey, exactly what are you spewing from your oral cavity? Sounds pretty petty, trite , and hateful to these ears. Now go about your business and just pester someone else you target on a daily basis …. Thank you…

      • “hello”!!!!

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      • Well said Miss Penny!!! But don’t bother responding to that person on here because she will NEVER get it. If you read her “rants”, which she calls “rents” in her response to you, her grammar is atrocious, perhaps revealing a 5th grade dropout. Further, you really can’t understand her diatribe anyway. We all know the horrors of what some so-called “religious” sects do, hiding behind claims of biblical scriptures guiding them in their work. Jim Jones and David Koresh (sp) are just two of these fanatics. Pennsylvania and Ohio are where many puppy mills are located where these Amish practice their inhumanity on a daily basis sometimes citing “religious freedom” as justification. These so-called human beings know NOTHING about being human.

      • Gizmos Mommy,YES THEY WOULD!!! I live in Ohio and have had MANY,MANY encounters with the Amish and I must say I LOATHE those people,they are nothing more than a cult!! They feel they are above everyone else and look down their noses at all of us! They are only friendly when they are trying to sell something! They own more puppy mills than any other people! They are absolutely awful! I use to think they were a great group of people until I had more and more encounters with them and learned more and more what they really are about! They rule as far as being abusive to animals! They TRUELY are a dispicable group of humans who do some really really appalling things! They are not what people perceive them to be!! UGH! They are awful!!!

      • Somehow I get the distinct impression the ” single minded ” young impressionable insolent Lady?” is not one bit interested in as she has previously called older women making comments, Ole Bitties, Cronies, Religious Zelot’s , Rednecks, so on … ANY THING this New York Socialite, Narcissist , doesn’t already know , as she has been there done that, and is JUST THAT!!! She as well as another poster as such, think because numerous people, myself include , THINK because WE have requested NOT having them attempt to shove their RELIGIOUS beliefs ” such as there Not Karma ” down our throats at every mention of the word… EVERYONE is entitled to HIS/Her own belief . and IF any of US want to believe in Karma that IS our Choice… but according the these two that makes one a religious hater!!! SO this gives these “RELIGIOUS” ones the Right to bash the rest of US … Sorta Trump Like!!!

      • Cynthia – it’s do sad what the Amish do. I used to travel to Pennsylvania on a regular basis and was treated the same way – they are ultra polite when they want your money.

      • “Dink” Means I like You.
        And Penny, You know I love you.
        I will consider myself,
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  3. Thank you God , for answering all of our prayers . I just can’t wrap my head around how someone could possibly even think of doing something like this to an innocent dog . How malicious and sick this person is . I believe in Karma , and when she comes around ,she can be mean . I hope whoever did this gets worse done to them . Love and hugs to Zeus . Keep getting better baby .

    • Rev. Ray Looks like your comment was deleted or blocked. It only shows as new comment in the email. Thankful for that!

      • Belief in karma and Christianity cannot coexist. This comment will most likely be blocked also.

      • I know some of my comments have been blocked. What are you talking about – “new comment in the email”? I see nothing like that. Am I to assume you’re an administrator on this site?

      • “you reap what you sow” so yes some Christians believe in karma even though the word is not used in the bible. Hooray for karma!

      • Karma pre dates Jesus and the Bible(S) .Some how even before jesus there were good people karma is early mans 10 commandments. im sure its all God approved. Hes really not that petty.

        Its the modern/ancient living cautionary tale that if you choose to do something Bad, bad will be served up to you. It may be pagen it is origin but all christians were jews first and before that all humans were pegan.

        Karma is the essence of right and wrong and is more a human element. It was never tied to a Pagen God or Demon so it could never be offensive to God.
        On what grounds would it be? Its just an ancient asian word and concept understood by all humans, ancients and modern day.

        The english languge is changing and evolving all the time. Words appear and disappear all the time. The popular meaning of karma in todays useage simply means” I cant wait to see whats coming to you , for being so heartless” it in no way is a pledge to another culture of beliefe or religion.

        Not only does karma and christanity exist but Karma is the foundation of the 10 commandments and the foundation of christianity.
        Gods got bigger fish to fry then damming people to hell.
        Over a word.

    • Unfortunately ! it isn’t just ‘puppy mills” that get the horrific treatment … The Amish , Hutterite, colonies are very abusive and abrasive of their Horses, ( I personally saw an Amish get out of his buggy and almost beat to death a horse that was pulling a load far larger and heavier than it could possibly handle ) I was so damn mad , I wanted to get out and hit that asshole with a shovel … the patrol pulled up and ushered people to go on their way and not block the highway… Veterinaries out here have spoken openly about how abusive the colonies in the North treat their livestock and won’t spend money to treat what is very treatable such as an abscess until it has become too late and the animal is septic … they are inhumane …abusive ….and NOT JUST TO ANIMAL”S

      • On a daily basis, I am sickened at what so-called people do to the 4-legged creatures with whom we share this planet. And I’m sure all our formerly abused rescued little ones share our sentiments.

  4. So very glad Zeus made it through surgery and that there are caring people in this world. So glad I was able to donate to help out a little. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the population of this wonderful country are becoming uncivilized and truly cruel. How a human (sub-human) being can hurt an animal is unfathomable to me. Even politics is becoming a verbal bloodbath of comments and behavior. Again thank you kind that are rescueing theser poor creatures all over this country.

  5. Thank goodness he is doing as well as can be expected! Sending prayers and love sweet boy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????? Hoping for a quick recovery! ????

  6. The laws for animal abuse have to CHANGE! It is almost unbelievable that there are such perverted..horrible monsters out there……to do this to an innocent dog is more than most of us can handle…Thank God there are loving.caring.sensitive people in the world who cared about the life of this baby……and looked for help with him……pray that he makes a full recovery……
    And i truly hope they find the bastard who did this and i wish they put a bullet in his crotch….deserves the treatment.

  7. A mere “THANK U” isn’t CLOSE enough, but 4 now…I’d like ALL INVOLVED 2 know how TRULY GRATEFUL I feel 2 know this 1 soul, precious pup has been saved & lived thru surgery. Some time back when I began rescuing, there were few if ANY Rescue Dogs Rock, & other types of good decent folks who would GIVE their TIME, $ & IMMENSE EFFORT 4 “just another stray!” Most likely Zeus would have been taken 2 Humane Society & probably put down. This IZ a life worth saving…thnx millionz again 4 seeing this ????????????

  8. YaY Thank God Long live Zeus!! Love & many thanks to the surgery team & all involved in helping & rescuing this baby. I did what i could & made small donation to help him &/or any needed medical issues that arise. Thank you all so so very much 🙂 🙂

  9. I live one county over from where he was found.thank you so very much for being an angel to these babies.Riverside Vet who you partner with is a top of the line vet hospital. So glad he had this top notch surgeon!

  10. I felt so sorry for Zeus that I just had to make a donation. I hope when he heals a nice family will adopt him and spoil him rotten. After all he’s been through I hope the rest of his life is filled with nothing but love and happiness!!!

  11. How is Zeus today? Did he heal well & is he living in a loving home? Did you ever find out whose dog Zeus was & did you find who hurt him?


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