puppy left in parked car while owner went shopping

Young pup left in car while owner went shopping at Walmart for 30 minutes

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A man decided to leave his eight-week-old puppy inside of his car, which was parked outside of a Walmart in Manor, Texas, on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to concerned passersby, and a responding police officer, the German shepherd mix puppy named “Annabelle,” was rescued before the unthinkable happened.

According to KVUE News, the puppy’s owner, identified as 20-year-old Chandler Allen Bullen, is facing a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty for his decision to go shopping for a half hour while his puppy was sweltering inside of the parked vehicle on an afternoon when the temperature had climbed to nearly 100-degrees.

Annabelle was found to not only be suffering from the heat inside of the car, but from neglect as well – officers noted that her little body was flea-infested and covered in lesions. Annabelle was taken into the care of the Austin Animal Center – her owner was transported to the Travis County Jail.

(screenshot via KVUE)

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21 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope Annabelle will find a NEW owner that will take better care of her! Thank you to the concerned passersby, and a responding police officer that saved her!

  2. Liz B. says:

    I am so glad this abuser was arrested. The puppy had no chance for well (or even moderate) care in the hands of this moron.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    IMAL ABUSE TEXAS AGAIN !! AGAIN!! AGAIN!!! Apparently this Stupid Texas Riff -raff SOS Learned one lesson from his worthless family and that is how to MISTREAT ANIMALS HORRY that someone stepped up to the plate and turned this Bastard IN and the Police actually responded this probably saved him from a very short life of CONSTANT CRUEL ABUSE FROM THIS PUKE!!!! I hope he is lucky enough to get a home where someone will love him and NOT A DEATH SENTENCE IN THE MAKING

    • Jill Kurth says:

      You are sooooooo right!!! Here’s an idea .. every person who leaves an animal in a hot car need to spend same amount of time locked in their car in front of Walmart. Ha!

    • vicki hood says:

      Penny, You put into words exactly what i have thought for years. Some (a lot of)Texans appear to be going downhill in the decency department. There is a mistrust every time i meet one. Hope these pukes meet Karma soon.

      • pennysdachshunds says:

        We live a couple states North of Texas and the amount of license plates we now see up here is astronomical …. like you when on occasion I meet up with one from there I stand back and survey the situation. we have friends that live in El Paso and they have spent thousands putting in bars on their doors, windows, gated yard because of the riff-raff taking over the whole area … drugs and drug trafficking I believe is a very big part of the problem…. in that whole state… I feel so sorry for the animals… our state is much sparser in population and our shelter’s are for the most part pretty darn good… we don’t have many puppy mills in this state either… for that I am thankful….

  4. tina says:

    Thank goodness Annabelle was rescued! Lesions? From what? Beatings? Sounds crazy, but, perhaps it took her to be left in a hot car to be rescued from this scumbag!

  5. Beth says:

    Where’s the idiot from TEXAS that thinks there is nothin wrong with TEXAS??? I bet this is OK with you because you love Walmart just like you love your governor! Stupid Bitch.

  6. Angela Corso says:

    Good to know that people were not afraid to get involved and help this dog. I have contacted the authorities on several occasions about dogs in distress. What’s unbelievable, this happens in all levels of society. Thank God this puppy was saved, but it’s too bad their owners are uneducated on the dangers of heat.

  7. Red says:

    PLEASE tell me this idiot kid who owned this baby lost his rights and the pup will be up for adoption to a new and LOVING, CARING home…. please do not return him back to the kid!!

  8. PetMom says:

    Since this happened in Texas poor little Annabelle may have been delivered from the frying pan into the fire. She is still in danger. Texas shelters are full and kill rates high. I hope this article generates enough attention to attract a legitimate adopter or rescue organization. I hope she gets out of that shelter alive and gets to live a happy life in a loving home.

  9. Marissa says:

    When are people going to get it through their thick skulls that you CAN NOT leave your dog in a hot car EVER !!!


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