Yorkie dumped at police station by woman who said she had to go to work

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A tiny Yorkie has been named Hollywood after the Hollywood Police Department in South Florida where she was dropped off by a woman who told the officer she had to “go to work.” According to CbsMiami, Rose Mone, from the Hollywood Police Department, doesn’t necessarily believe the woman’s story, but at the very least the silky Yorkshire terrier is getting a new start after suffering some serious medical issues now being addressed:

“Basically she just came in and said she had to go to work; said she was busy,” stated Mone. “She found it over there some where and put the dog over here on the chair and walked out and that was it. I knew he needed help right away because he was not going to make it thru the day.”

So Rose called the Glimmer of Life Pet Rescue  in Davie who described the little dog as extremely sick when they first picked him up.

“I think if he would have went to animal rescue they would have put him down because he was so sick,” stated Ed Degelsmith from the rescue organization. “He couldn’t walk, he was crying. (Veterinarians) …”put a catheter in him so he could pass some urine, X-rayed him. It showed he’s loaded with kidney stones…”

Even when the dog was in pain and crying, he still wanted to be picked up and hugged. On Monday afternoon, Hollywood was reported to be undergoing surgery for his kidney stones.

“I just got off the phone with Paul from Hometown veterinarian and he advised that Hollywood is on the operating table as I write this. They are going to do the stone removal first assess him and then neuter him if he’s in good enough shape then clean his teeth…”

To help with Hollywood’s recovery, a Go Fund Me page can be found here where updates are made available as they happen. Get well soon little one. We hope you make a speedy recovery.

(Photo of Yorkie dumped via Facebook Glimmer of Life Pet Rescue)

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27 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    If she dumped the dog at a police station, they should have video of her. This b**** needs to be charged. For her to wait until her dog was on death’s doorstep and then just dump him? There’s no way this happened overnight. She had to have seen him in pain and just ignored it. She dumped him because she figured he was dying and didn’t want to be bothered. Glad this sweet dog is getting the help he needs. Praying for a full recovery and a loving forever home for him!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Well at least the POS woman left the dog where he would get help. Some would have called the shelter and and let them euthanize the poor dog. Thank you Rose Mone, you are a credit to your department. It was a good call on your part to call the rescue and get little Hollywood help. Keeping little Hollywood in our prayers.

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    And another case of hey here you go i cant or wont take care of my dog anymore! At least she left the little one at a police station instead of in the street! Its mind boggling how these people can sleep at night! Then again if you dont care about anything except yourself its easy!

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    As much as I despise abandonment, at least this little treasure was left with wonderful, compassionate people who helped him!!!

    Thank you very much to all of the wonderful, compassionate people who helped this little treasure!!! Restores my faith in humanity!!!

    I hope he finds a new, loving furever home ASAP!!!

  5. Elaine says:

    Not condoning what she did, but she took him to a good place, now he’ll get help at least and hopefully a better home

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    As bad as it was dumping him…. at the very least this POS DIDN”T put this little guy in a trash bin, in the woods, or throw him over a building to his death. The Hollywood Police were more than compassionate and GOT HELP IMMEDIATELY:::: I commend them for saving his life….. NOW maybe he can have a very good life!!!!

  7. Larry Hightower says:

    Poor babies I wish I could help with my services for as bathing them taking care of them feeding them just help

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    No way to I believe this freakin’ story about finding him – if a real Samaritan had found Hollywood they would not have just walked out and left him – this is another case of an egotistic piss poor owner who could not be bothered to get medical attention for their dog. Giant THANK YOU to Rose Mone for stepping up – you are a credit to the Hollywood Police Department. I am sure Hollywood will get a safe loving home – look at that adorable face, he deserves to be loved.

  9. Rob Agosto says:

    I put my Yorkie Milo to sleep in December. He had diabetes and became very sick after a while with pancreatitis and ultimately kidney failure. I had to give him 2 shots a day and had to walk him prob 10 times a day. I would do it all over again yet these people don’t take time to care for a pet. The funny thing is it’s such a pain to adopt a dog these days. If anyone knows of a dog who needs a home let me know. He/she has to be small because I don’t have the space for a huge dog.

  10. RL says:

    All i can say is she better be glad im not a judge in a court of law if u came before me i would whip u with a whip untill u peed then whip u cor peeing u are a sorry piece of crap i am a yourkie owner an this pisses me off. R.L.

  11. Katherine says:

    I feel so bad for this lil guy, I want to adopt him, My Gizmo had stones, 2 surgeries n I would know how to car for him…My heart bleeds for this lil guy, how can a person just leave a sick dog in pain, Dear dog, we need to speak for them…Please let me know what I can do to adopt him n give him the loving home he deserves ….

  12. Katherine Badalucca says:

    Again, I am asking for some updated news on a Hollywood, I would love to give this lil Yorkie a loving n forever home…

  13. Katherine says:

    Any updates on Hollywood….I still want to give him a forever home when he is ready to be put up for adoption…

    • bettasrule says:

      Surgery was done and Hollywood is recovering. Will be up for adoption when fully mended. You must contact Glimmer of Life Pet Rescue as stated in the article for more information on Hollywood and if interested in adopting.

      • Katherine says:

        Ty for the upday…Will inquire about adopting a Hollywood though Glimmer of life…

      • Katherine says:

        Ty, for the update…Let me know when Hollywood will be up for adopting, Love to adopt this lil guy…

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