Authorities investigate animal cruelty case involving senior pooch

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A dog with shocking injuries arrived at a veterinarian hospital in South Carolina on Wednesday; her name was Foxy. The dog’s owner stated their 12-year-old Labrador retriever mix had been attacked by another dog.

What happened to Foxy was heartbreaking, and when her owner asked that her dog be euthanized, veterinarians asked if the owner would surrender her, and they would reach out to a rescue organization for help. When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were contacted, they immediately stepped up for the sweet senior:

“Seeing this made our hearts literally hurt,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization. “Foxy is a sweet 12-year-old Lab mix who was attacked by another dog in South Carolina. She came into our vet, and there were two options – she could have been euthanized or admitted to the hospital for surgery.”

Hours later, it was decided surgery was her only option – as small as the odds were, to survive. Sadly, Foxy died the next day; her body so ravaged by her injuries, she wasn’t strong enough to fight the battle of her life.

Advocates had been questioning Foxy’s injuries and how they occurred. The next day Foxy’s owner corrected her first explanation stating that Foxy had been attacked by four dogs. Social media comments however have questioned the dog’s injuries and insist they were not consistent with a dog attack.


By Friday afternoon, however a disturbing update was reported.

“Foxy’s owner has just been in contact with our SC vet. She just witnessed a man beating one of her dogs with a baseball bat. The man took off & the police are now investigating. It is now believed that this same monster attacked & scalped Foxy. Her wounds are more consistent with a human having done this rather than dogs. We are so angry & upset. This horrible monster must be caught!!! Keep your dogs safe! This is Columbia SC.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities. Please keep your dogs safe.

Read the prior article here.

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11 replies
  1. Beth says:

    Why did this owner lie about what REALLY happened to Foxy? Now another dog has been injured/killed. What is going on, why is she covering the truth up? Also, does anyone know how the pup just beaten with a baseball bat is? Thank you!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Beat this vile scum with a metal baseball bat and scalp him. Justice for Foxy.Someone has a description of this scum, so give it to police to do their job.

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    Why did Foxey’s owner lie….not once but twice!!! It’s my belief that she knows the pure evil monster that did this and is protecting the POS dog killer! Boy I sure hope the authorities care enough to get to the bottom of this vicious brutal crime…..Foxeys owner has the answers imo! ????????❤️RIP FOXEY❤️???????? SWEET INNOCENT FUR BABY❤️

  4. animals#1 says:

    This whole thing stinks. I wouldnt trust that second story either. Too many things don’t make sense. All I know is that poor foxy suffered horribly. Humans make me sick. Plus her nails are very long alot more information is missing in this horrible animal abuse. Who ever did this should be treated the same way. Eye for eye justice should be given. Humans have to suffer exactly the same as their victims.

  5. Darla says:

    I think the second accounting is more true than the “attack by 4 dogs” – the injuries look too “clean” (i.e., not puncture wounds, etc.) to be from other animals. RIP Roxy. I pray they find out who tortured you.

  6. Diana Rowell says:

    This WRETCHED state must be FULL of DEMON spawned VILE THUGS as this is a WEEKLY occurrence, many of which involve LAW ENFORCEMENT at THEIR OWN homes. Judges turn a BLIND EYE and it ASTOUNDS me how DECENT parents sleep at night. Must ALL be remedial as well, because these FREAKS can’t even grasp the FACT that these thugs ARE a threat to THEIR OWN children and what do they do? KEEP ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN, and KEEP VOTING THE SAME THUGS in to office. DO NOT GO TO SOUTH CAROLINA FOR ANY REASON, IT’S VERY DANGEROUS, PERIOD! I am from there, btw and WILL NEVER set a foot in that RUSSIAN state again.


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