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Woman’s Facebook warning about popular dog food goes ‘viral’

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On July 25, a Facebook user posted a public warning about a popular brand of dog food which she suspects has made her dog ill. The woman, named Katie, described how her dog, Creasy, fell horribly ill after consuming a new bag of Taste of the Wild.

She wrote:

Please if you feed taste of the wild be aware that there are hundreds of complaints! They are testing the food batches we sent back and others who have also sent back. We fed them this dog food for over 5 years without any problems. I spent 4 hours in the emergency vet just trying to make Creasy feel better. He was so sick I thought I was going to lose him. The picture on the right is straight blood from when he got sick. Unfortunately the spots get bigger and bigger.

Creasy was eventually sent back home with special food, medication and fluids – it took several days before he finally turned the corner and Katie was no longer worried that she would wake up to find him dead.

Her warning continued:

We have contacted the company and they say nothing is wrong. Visit consumer affairs and they have 100’s of complaints in the last two weeks, which is when we bought our dog food. The first big sign that something is wrong is your animal drinking unusual amount of water. Yes it’s hot out there but they shouldn’t be going through bowl after bowl. If you feed your dog this food and they start acting weird go to the vet immediately!

On August 1, she updated the thousands of people who read, and shared, her Facebook post:

Let me first off say I never expected my post to go viral. I thought maybe a few hundred at most! So thank you! I have hundreds of messages on Facebook and I will try to respond asap! To the prayers, love, and thoughts my whole family is truly grateful for it. My dogs are my babies because I have none. They are my whole world!

She added:

As for Creasy he is doing better and better. He even played fetch for a few throws. We are still working on energy. No more wet food but still on diet restrictions. We will know more hopefully by tomorrow.
****My dogs were on southwest canyon and wild boar

Katie was right – there are many, many current complaints about this brand of pet food on Consumer Affairs  – click here to read.

According to this concerned dog owner, the company is aware of the problem and they are investigating to see what is wrong.

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13 replies
  1. Georgette Hassler says:

    I feed Nature’s Variety raw & salmon kibble. I also feed raw goat’s milk. I have been feeding this for years. I never feed common foods sold in vet offices or grocery stores and never will. So glad your dog is improving.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    My furbabies (cat and dogs) like jarred baby food (meats, pumpkin & sweet potatoes).

    I also give them baked fish, split pea soup (no onions or garlic in the soup) and eggs.

    Their coats are thick and shiny and they are happy………

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I just checked out the website listing consumer complaints and I am wondering if this company is using a different source of meats (could there have been “meat by products” which might contain phenobarbital (a euthanasia medication), added “off label” to this company’s meat shipnents)? If the levels of phenobarbital in the “meat by products” are too high, animals consuming foods containing these “meat by products” can get very sick……

    Could an entire shipment of meats have been contaminated (& therefore batches of food made with the tainted meats essentially poisoned)?

    Could the meats have been improperly stored or improperly shipped? Lots of potential for problems in storage and shipping……..

    Lots of questions and theories as to what might have gone wrong……

    Too many questions and similar complaints to ignore……. The company should be proactive in addressing these questions and the numerous consumer reports of sick animals……..

    • ellen cottone says:

      But then they would have to
      For the damage caused by there mishandling of food.
      I don’t know why they have not had an inspector close them down. Once a lab has a food sample it should be easy to I’d bacteria and then calculate what part of the production is at fault. I can’t understand in a 2 week Span where dogs end up in emergency rooms at the consumers expense. Medical documents and blood on the floor how this company has not been shut down

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I always hate to hear things like this. It seems to be happening too much with the supposedly “better” brands of dog food. I hope Creasy and all the pups that have become ill have speedy recoveries.

  5. Judith Mellott says:

    I too purchased this brand and gave it to my senior yorkie with the same results. She had blood everywhere and had to be contained in her crate. Because she only gets half in the morning I was able to immediately give her rice for her next three feedings and she got better. I assumed because of her age she became sensitive to one of the ingredients. I put her back on an earlier kind of dry food that I gave her years ago.

  6. Randall Shaddock says:

    I had the same experience with another premium dog food. The first thing I noticed was diarrhea, then diarrhea with blood, then just blood, also throwing up blood. Rushed her to the emergency vet, they kept her overnight, she did recover. I had bought a new bag of food which listed pork as the main protein. It was terrifying, she was a very sick girl, it was also expensive. No more pork.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Why is it you tell a story of how your dog got sick to the point of blood and vomit yet you seem to be protecting the dog food company.
      Why haven’t to mentioned the dog food company. I would like to know

      • Starr says:

        She said in her first sentence that the dog food was “Taste of the Wild”. I found this info on Google: Made by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., owned by Schell and Kampeter, Inc., Taste of the Wild is a family owned, privately held business. As a relatively new brand of dog food made only since 2007, Taste of the Wild was created to meet the market’s growing demand for a natural, grain-free dog food.

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