Woman walks by shelter dog: ‘What an ugly old dog’

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“What an ugly old dog,” a woman snarled at a local shelter as she walked by Oscar, a senior Australian shepherd, who had been dumped on the side of the road on a busy street in Compton. For three days, Oscar languished on the curb – people drove by and walked near him, yet no one stopped to help. The 10-year-old mixed breed shepherd was not able to walk away on his own, because his hind legs collapsed beneath him. It was as if Oscar was invisible or viewed as yesterday’s trash.

Oscar was finally rescued and rushed to an emergency veterinarian in Long Beach, California. Fortunately he was not hit by a car, but does suffer from spinal stenosis – a common malady in older shepherds and shepherd mixes. His condition is improving, and the medical staff treating him, believe with a good diet, supplements and a patient and loving human companion, Oscar will be fine.

Oscar’s advocate Claudia Hoffmann has been networking for this friendly dog and hopes someone will come forward to provide Oscar with the care and love he so desperately needs:

“Nobody is standing in line for this sweet senior. But I’ll keep networking until that special person or special rescue comes along. Oscar is great with people BUT I DO NOT KNOW how he is with other dogs or cats. Remember, he was dumped on the streets and has been at the vet since then. He doesn’t care about other dogs when they walk by him. I was hoping a foster would be able to find out more. But that foster needs to be found first…”

If anyone can help with Oscar, please contact Claudia Hoffmann on Facebook or email [email protected] . Oscar is located in Long Beach and all medical is/ will be taken care of, including extra funding needed by an approved rescue organization. Please share Oscar’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photo of “ugly old dog” courtesy of Claudia Hoffmann)

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  1. Oscar deserves to be in a safe loving environment. Senior dogs make great pets, are not overactive and require only walks at a calm pace, and will snuggle up with you quietly and contentedly. They are excellent for senior humans. And to the bitch who called him ‘ugly’ – she should be looking in the mirror to see real ‘ugly’.

  2. “What an ugly old dog,”? No UGLY WOMAN. I don’t care what she looks like outside, inside she is UGLY. I hope this woman wasn’t there to adopt a dog, we can foresee what will happen to that dog when he/she becomes elderly. Rant over, I will be sharing Oscar and hoping he finds a foster, or senior rescue who will take him in.

  3. If it’s true about what that woman said she needs to be bitch slapped and for all those that ignored Oscar shame on you! Hoping BEAUTIFUL Oscar will be rescued. Shared.

  4. Someone made that comment about an obvious senior dog she should not be allowed to adopt any pet with that attitude. she is probably an Ugly in body and soul human.

  5. Oscar is beautiful, and that woman doesn’t know beauty when it’s right in front of her. I hope somebody comes forward very soon, even to foster him while he recovers from his ordeal. He’s very similar to my old boy – gorgeous!

  6. Bitch! You’d better take a look in the mirror, because the image looking back at you is as ugly inside as it probably is outside. No amount of makeup nor window dressing can cover up anything so revolting.

    I don’t think Oscar is ugly! He needs love and care, that’s all.

  7. I don’t think Oscar is UGLY, he is a beautiful old boy looking for love. I hope some rescue steps in and find him either a home or fosters’ him. How do people drop off their old dogs to a shelter because they are old is beyond me. I know some have health problems but as an owner you should care for them until they go to Rainbow Heaven.

  8. Oscar such a handsome senior, and that lady what a horrible thing to say. I wish I wasn’t so far I would take Oscar and spoil him rotten like he should be.b

  9. If I was there and heard her, I would have asked her to look in the mirror, and say that you are more uglier on the inside as well…

  10. This, along with many other things, is what is wrong with society. If you’re old or if you’re “ugly” (remember, beauty is only skin deep), you’re often deemed not worthy of love or of being helped. It sucks. There are times when I think the human race needs to be eradicated. I hope Oscar finds the best home ever!

  11. There is a place in Tennessee called Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary but I don’t know if they take dogs from out of state. They are on Facebook. It would be worth checking though. Bless his precious little heart.

  12. If animals could talk they would be a lot kinder than human beings! Humans speak before they think! There are no wars in the animal kingdom! There are no law suits in the animal kingdom! There are no words which equals no stupidity!


  14. it is hard not to cry at such harshness. a wizened muzzle is one of grace and great beauty.

    shame on her and all the “hers” out there!!!!

  15. What an ugly person to say such a cruel thing, I hope she got kicked out of the shelter! Oscar is beautiful, I hope he finds the wonderful home he deserves!

  16. He is Gorgeous, I think he would be a great dog if just given a chance. He just needs to be LOVED!!!! PLEASE HELP THIS POOR OLD MAN!!!

  17. The Old Bitch walking by and Making that comment about Oscar may or may not be ugly on the outside “BUT SHE SURE IN HELL IS UGLY ON THE INSIDE”!!!!! I have never seen an ugly animal only MEAN &UGLY HUMAN”A >>> BLESS OSCAR and let him find a home!!!

  18. Yes, he is not a puppy, but that doesn’t mean that he should be tossed away like a bag of garbage. He would make a great companion for an older person who doesn’t want a lively dog. Or maybe some one who’s disabled and just wants a dog. Love and ruffs.

  19. This makes me extremely ANGRY!!! The horrible, despicable evil monster that called this precious pooch “ugly” should be ashamed of herself! That evil monster is a heartless, disgusting evil devil! Nothing more and nothing less, just a heartless, disgusting evil devil! Oscar, you are a beautiful and precious pup created from our loving God. God Bless you, Sweet Oscar, I’m praying for your speedy recovery, good health and happiness, and a loving forever home filled lots of joy and peace for your precious golden years ♥️????????♥️

  20. All I see is a very handsome and wise gentledog!!!! As for UGLY…..the only I see is the POS who called Oscar such hateful name and the people who didn’t help him sooner!!

  21. What an adorable face & you can see he has a lot more love to give ♡♡♡♡. Definitely not ugly & a beautiful soul 🙂 i think this woman is very unhappy& doesn’t knowhow ugly she is inside & out!!!!!!! Sorry for any dog this woman get!!!!!!!. Good luck for Oscar & I’m praying for a loving family comes & rescue him….

  22. Sooooooo….. Is someone going to adopt this dog or help find him a forever home? Or is everyone just going to keep posting about how awful that vile woman was?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I was in a shelter once when somebody looked at this senior Akita, 10 years old, they said he’s a goner, nobody will want him. I looked into his soulful eyes , went back later after I couldn’t stop thinking about him and what they said and took him home. One of the best dogs ever, he lived to be 17????????????. Has anyone offered to adopt him yet?

      • That’s beautiful. The world needs more people like you. I’m sure he was very greatful for you to have given him a chance 🙂

      • I adopted a 12 year old bully on his last day in a kill shelter. The shelter said they were euthanizing him because “nobody wants a 12 year old dog.” I told them they were wrong, because I wanted that 12 year old dog. He’s almost 14 now, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

      • For one I live in a small apartment that won’t allow dogs. If and when I do own a house you can bet your ass I’m going to adopt a dog or two. And if I was able to give this dog the proper home he deserves I would have already made an inquiry. Why don’t you adopt him?

      • Why are you so defensive? Did I direct my comment at you personally? I don’t see anyone else getting defensive about it. I was simply stating an observation. I saw a lot of people talking about how awful the woman was instead of suggesting ways to help this poor dog. I never assumed or said anything about people not sharing. I’m sure many of them did.

    • Teri – If your law says you take away a family’s dog after they have had it for 10 years and the dog has not caused any problems before this, then you people are just plain mean! You nor anyone else have come forward with any other information indicating this dog has caused any problems. It’s pretty apparent that you have written this dog off and even if it comes back with NO DNA evidence of it being a “wolf hybrid” this vendetta against this dog will continue. No disrespect intended.

    • Excuse me for being incensed by this woman’s ugly comment! I have 4 dogs of my own the pocketbook is stretched to the hilt keeping them vetted and fed, had I more money I would be taking in more. Add that to the fact I live on the other side of the country, I can’t just run down to the shelter and pick up a dog in California. I do share their plights and I do send notices of these dogs to senior rescues I know of so don’t assume I am just sitting her complaining about a POS woman and NOT trying to do something!

  23. He looks so sweet and gentle. Thank you for saving him from the streets of Compton and getting him help. He will find a former home.

  24. I happen to think he is handsome and brave. That is something I CAN’T say for the woman. I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall and just let her know she must have been looking in a mirror.

  25. I have a dog with spondylosis
    a painful condition of the spine resulting from the degeneration of the intervertebral disks. but he is only 4 years old he had lyme and ehrlichia 2 tic born diseases I fostered him then after seen how bad he was I adopted him so far he put on the weight he needed but he still suffers from some blows to his back which caused the spondylosis in such a young dog the only thing so far to help is pain meds to help relive his pain ..this poor beautiful dog is only 10 years but i see years of cruel treatment at 10 he should not be this crippled I’m sure he received a few blows to his back to , the picture portrays a dog with labored breathing the same is with my dog he needs help and out of the shelter where he can find peace and love and maybe some pain meds to make him whole again and you will see him bloom into the beautiful Aussie that he is . <3

  26. Where is this stupid woman? I’ll happily walk past her, and say “what an evil minded stupid old bitch”, just to see how she reacts. (Well I would if I lived near where she lives). There is no call for comments like that about an elderly dog. When she becomes decrepit, karma will catch up with her.

  27. I think Oscar is beautiful and has a really sweet face! What a world when a dog lays there helpless for days and everyone just walks by. Thanks to the person who showed mercy and helped Oscar!

  28. There are NO ugly dogs or cats. The woman who made such a nasty comment should look in the mirror of her soul if she wants to see something ugly.

  29. Oscar looks handsome to me!! He looks so sweet! Maybe that woman saw her reflection in a glass pane when she said that! Must have or she definitely needs glasses!

  30. That nasty woman should never be allowed to adopt a dog. Any dog she takes will eventually get old. Then what? Will she dump him on the side of the road?

  31. Ugly hearted people make ugly comments – that person does not deserve the love and loyalty of ANY rescue furbaby. Oscar you are a very handsome senior indeed……. Wonder how she will feel in years to come and she gets old (as we all do) if people walk past her commenting on what an ugly old lady she is?!

  32. I would take him and love him. I live in Iowa and have a 7 year old lab and a 13 year old rescued cattle dog. How could someone not love him.

  33. Everyone including humans don’t look “beautiful” when they are weak, vulnerable, scared and can’t walk or take care of themselves. That’s why we need someone to stop and care. Dogs are no different. Praying that someone shows this dog a beautiful life as every dog deserves.

  34. Oscar is nowhere near as ugly as that woman is! shes ugly inside! Poor baby how can anyone dump a dog or walk by past one whos been dumped?

  35. I think he is beautiful. I pray he finds a loving companion soon.The woman has no manners, no
    taste, no grace and a very sad heart.

  36. There’s no such thing as an ugly dog (cat). Is nothing but a number.
    Karma need a reminder who needs to be punished and who should get rewarded.

  37. What ever happened to this baby? My girl similar to him had to be put down in April for this same reason. Kept her going as long as possible. Still miss her so much.


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