Dog hurled from bridge

Woman throws dog from bridge, claims ‘dogs can fly’

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A woman, who has been taken for a mental health evaluation, claimed that “dogs can fly” before throwing a helpless Jack Russell terrier over the side of a Florida bridge on Wednesday. According to Thursday’s Sun-Sentinel, the dog somehow survived the fall, despite the estimated 50 foot drop from the Blue Heron bridge in Riviera beach.

A lifeguard at the park comforted the injured dog, whose name is “BJ,” until help arrived. Witnesses observed the dog in a great deal of pain after he was hurled to the ground, though one person did notice that he was trying to sit up. Amazingly, BJ did not break anything when he hit the ground, though he dislocated one leg and is in pain.

BJ was taken to the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and he will remain there, receiving care, for the foreseeable future. According to animal care and control, BJ was adopted from the shelter back in 2010 – the girl who is accused of hurling him from the bridge is part of his adoptive family. She may face charges for the cruel incident.

If the family chooses to surrender the dog, he will be put up for adoption, or transferred to a rescue group.

Dog thrown off bridge on Singer Island

It is incredibly hard to watch. This poor pup was seriously injured after a human threw him off the Singer Island bridge (HIS UPDATE)

Posted by CBS 12 News on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    J’espère qu’elle sera condamnée sévèrement, elle n’est pas plus folle que moi, elle veut simplement ne pas faire de prison. Ces barbares devraient être abattus. Pas de pitié pour les sous merde.

  2. JIM says:

    Crazy woman throws INOCENT dog off of a 50ft bridge and they take her to a nice mental health hospital with three meals a day and a warm bed to rest her head…That’s all this little Jack Russell wanted in this world…Now the pup will be shuffled around and around wondering what he did wrong…I’ll tell you the right that’ll make this wrong correct is to hang this crazy fucking bitch by her heals and let us all use her for archery practice until even the vulchers have no use for her!

  3. Sandy says:

    Why are the adopters even being given a chance to keep the dog? It should be an automatic termination. He should be placed for adoption or under a rescue.

    • Vivien Moorhouse says:

      I Couldn’t agree more with you Sandy – This poor animal should automatically now be put forward for adoption by a really caring family. And the family who let this happen should be Banned for Life from owning any animals . They are not fit to own pets and care for them.

  4. Cathy Rolley says:

    She is either on drugs or mentally ill.The dog should NOT be returned to the other family members unless they put the family member who threw the dog over the bridge in a mental institution for good and also do a investigation on the other family members to see if they have mental illness too or drug problems and to make sure that the family member who did this will not be allowed to live there anymore.DO NOT PUT THiS POOR DOG BACK IN DANGER BY LETTING IT GO BACK To WHERE THIS CRAZY LADY Will BE LIVING.I am so happy the dog is doing ok for what it went through.He looks totally confused as to why this person who he trusted did this to him.Thank you to the lifeguards who helped him.Poor cute dog.

  5. ellen filoteo says:

    OMG ,crazy .crazy she need to be in the mental hospital …poor dog cannot speak for himself thank GOD he survive .

  6. resqdogz says:

    She “MAY” face charges??? “If the family chooses…?

    There should be NO QUESTION OF CHARGES AND PROTECTIVE SEIZURE of this hapless little companion: Companion animal abuse is now a FEDERAL FELONY-LEVEL OFFENSE!

    Let’s put the old adage “when pigs fly” to the test, and hurl this biyach off that same structure: Maybe that’ll accelerate the resolution of her “mental health evaluation”…

  7. Red says:

    ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS……..”If the family chooses to surrender the dog…” IS THIS ACTUALLY AN OPTION? This idiot tried to kill this baby, the family should be PROSECUTED!!!!!! Fined!!!!!! Jailed!!!! OR ALL THE ABOVE! If this chick was ill….they surely knew and shouldn’t allow her to take the dog anywhere!

  8. Dana Ufkes says:

    This little dog is small and fragile, he looks like a senior boy too. What was the girl thinking? At this point I don’t really care, all that matters is the dog and his health and safety.
    I certainly hope this dog is never placed back in the home from where he’s been, he surely would never feel safe again. Poor guy will be haunted by these terrifying memories. I wish him complete recovery and placed in a safe stable loving home where he’s comforted and loved for the rest of his life.. Hold the cruel girl accountable, send a message to the community that animal abuse is not tolerated period, under any circumstances!!

  9. susan says:

    I too am sick and tired of people using mentally unstable as an excuse for hurting innocent creatures and children!!!!Lock her up and throw away the key!!!!!

  10. Dennis Bonds says:

    What do you mean she may face charges for the cruel incident. That POS B***H better get Charged, this really pissed me off & she also needs to spend time in JAIL the Pos Douchebag…

  11. Celeste says:

    No one is looking after dogs best interest. “May” press charges. This family shouldnt have an animal if they have one person who does these things. “Mental health” excuse. She hurt dog, wanted to kill dog . If genuine mental health then she is resp for taking meds to do right thing. She didnt. Someone got hurt…she has to be accountable!

  12. Stuart Clark says:

    “If the family chooses to surrender the dog”
    That there, is exactly what is wrong with this world.
    If I meet any of the bastards I see in stories like this every day, I’m goin to jail.

  13. Morgan says:

    Please take this innocent beautiful little dog to a RESCUE GROUP, not animal control (kill center). Please SAVE THIS ADORABLE BRAVE LITTLE DOG who deserves better than being mistreated and subjected to nearly being MURDERED. Thank you rescue angels!


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