Woman shot and burned neighbor’s two Siberian huskies for killing her Chihuahua

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The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office in Dickson, Tennessee is investigating allegations of animal cruelty stemming from the deaths of three dogs – two Siberian huskies and one Chihuahua. According to WkrnNews, area resident, Larry Morrisett’s two Siberian huskies managed to elude the family’s electric fence; both dogs Sierra and Kenai took off on Easter Sunday. One of the neighbors say the huskies killed a woman’s Chihuahua.

While the woman has not been named by authorities, she has communicated with the press and allegedly admitted to killing Sierra and Kenai in order to protect her other animals. And when she called the sheriff’s department to remove the bodies of the dogs, she said they refused – so she burned their bodies in her backyard.

“I did not know who the owners were and I did not ask, the woman told reporters. “I was just left with two dead dogs in my yard.”

On the woman’s private Facebook page, she posted more about the disturbing situation:

“I lost my baby girl this morning. She suffered terribly too. She was attacked by two large dogs. Those two dogs are dead. That’s the only thing that is helping me feel better. It smelled like BBQ in my back yard today. Sheriff wouldn’t have the bodies hauled off so we put them in the burn out. Diesel burns real hot.”

As for the owner of Sierra and Kenai, Larry admits the dogs were off his property, and he would have had no trouble accepting and being responsible for the death of the Chihuahua, but he was never given the opportunity. In addition both dogs wore tags, and while he and his wife were looking everywhere for their dogs, Sierra and Kenai had already been killed.

Tennessee law does grant a person permission to shoot a dog if they present a threat to themselves or their livestock. Authorities are investigating if burning the dogs without notification is an offense. Meanwhile the Morrisett’s young children are heartbroken, and should dogs be killed for “vengeance?” What do you think?

(Photos of Siberian huskies via Wncn News and family submitted photos)

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29 replies
  1. Donna Hawkins says:

    Wow what a horrible situation !why was the chihuahua unattended?unforunately huskies often have a strong prey drive for small animals,.Their collars probably weren’t tight enough,batteries were weak or fence was down! I’m not excusing them but people need to realize what dogs are capable of! The chihuahua ‘s owner ‘s extreme violence is pretty extreme and cruel without even consulting their owner! Then calling the sheriff! I think everyone was culpable here!

  2. susispot says:

    I imagine if a dog came on my property and killed my precious JRT I would strangle it with my bare hands. I do not condone what this woman has done, but I have to admit I understand it. Just being honest.

  3. maxiemom. says:

    OMFG!!!! Did she love her dog? Yes! Did she have enough of a heart to even CONSIDER how the owners of the other dogs would feel once she took her vile revenge on those dogs?


    If they were MY dogs, she would be in deep, deep trouble. Tennessee law or no, she has STILL deprived the other family of their ‘property’ (I hate that), traumatized those kids, and done something horrible that no compassionate person / dog owner would do. Revenge? AGAINST HUMANS, YES! Against dogs? No. This is why I prefer dogs.

  4. Red says:

    OK…. more needless animals died due to idiot owners.
    The husky’s escaped an electric fence….. THOSE DO NOT WORK… If you are too tight to put in a real fence keep them in the house. My son has a husky and they run, like the wind…..why would you depend on an electric fence with a husky??????
    The Chihuahua was too damn little to be outside, alone and UNATTENDED. I have concrete bricks for a fence. No way in heck my dog can escape or any can get in. HOWEVER….. if he is out more than 15 minutes, I check on him.
    I can not believe how stupid pet owners can be. Allowing dogs to run free in the neighborhood, or while out walking (and owner is CARRYING the leash???) is that how you take care of your children? If you can not treat your pet as a family member – YOU DON’T NEED ONE.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Agree. Where I live, we have large birds of prey plus a twice a year raptor migration (mostly eagles)…… They see small dogs and cats as “free food, easy to catch”…….

      Our neighbors lost their 12+ pound cat to a large hawk recently (I found the remains & wish I could “unsee it”)…….

      NO WAY should a small chihuahua be left outside alone, EVER…….

      Tragic situation for everyone involved……

  5. Becky Harris says:

    I feel bad that the lady lost her chihuahua (who can be very barky, annoying dogs) HOWEVER I don’t think her actions should be legal and that they should be regarded as cruelty.

  6. Olga says:

    Violence begets violence and the woman purposely murdered two dogs even if they killed her dog they are murderers the know not what they do

  7. pennysdachshund says:

    If This Lady did indeed have more small animal’s on her property and these two very large dogs tore her apart on her own property…. She should have called the Sheriff, but from the interaction when she did call the authorities, I guess I really don’t blame her one bit!!! Sorry for the Huskies children , it is a hard lesson to learn at a young age…. What would the owner of the Huskies done if a much larger dog (say Mastaff ) came and was in the process of killing one of his Huskies???/

  8. phyllis attanasio says:

    I would have done the same exact thing she did.If a dog came into my yard and did something to one of my dogs it would be gone.My dogs never leave my property and another dog should be under control by their owners.

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    I feel for the woman whose small dog was killed, but that doesn’t make it right for her to kill two dogs and then burn them. Animal control should have been called and although there is no restitution that would ever be enough, the owners of the two dogs should have been able to at least try! I would like to know how she would feel had it been her dog that was shot, killed and burned. If the dogs did have a collar with tags there is no reason she shouldn’t have at least contacted the owners!

  10. Elaine Briden says:

    No that woman is a mental case psycho. I feel bad for her little dog, thats tragic. That does not give her the right to do what she did to those dogs. The owners said they would have accepted responsibility. She needs to be charged.

  11. Alice says:

    The whole outcome is devastating! There’s no good comment except that 3 dogs are now dead and two are burned away. Rest In Peace to the three dogs.

  12. Sharon miller says:

    I think she should be jailed.not only did she cross the line by killing the two dogs but burnt them.she needs to be stopped now and charged before she does this to human beings.also she posted it describing and some what an ego as mentioning it smells like bbq. She is a beginging sociopath.jail her and never let any other animals or weapons in her possession. I hope she doesnt have kids.

  13. Bunny Peters says:

    This is a terrible situation for everyone involved and I empathize with both of the neighbors……. it’s heartbreaking to lose a furbaby…… under ANY set of circumstances……..

    I can fully understand the outrage of having your precious furbaby attacked and killed by intruders on your own property……

    I can also fully understand the horror of a lost pet……. and finding out they are dead in a horrible manner……

    RIP precious furbabies…… your families are grieving for your tragic losses……

  14. Cynthia Como says:

    Sick,sick,SICKENING! Once again humans are %100 responsible for all three deaths! Even tho I know that sometimes pets get away from their owners I never understood how it manages to happen so often to so many people. I have three fur babies,have had them for many years now and never,not once, have they ever been out of my care and control! The human is smarter and should be able to contain their pets. Just another reason why when dogs need to go outside the owner should stop what they are doing and be out and stay outside with their pets. I feel really bad……FOR THE DOGS THAT NEEDLESSLY LOST THEIR LIVES! This whole tragedy was SO PREVENTABLE! While I more than understand the pain and anger this woman felt there is something very,very wrong with her! She surely is not an dog lover because no dog lover has it in them to kill and then burn not one dog but two! I feel that BOTH owners need to be charged in this awful situation and hopefully they have both learned a lesson from this! AWFUL!!!

  15. Ann Dolak says:

    She shouldve notified owners so they could make restitution.Or held dogs & notified authorities.What she did was wronh IMO.

  16. Nancy Raymond says:

    All of you who would exact revenge on the dogs need a massive wake up call – it is canine behavior and there is blame that should be placed on all three dog’s owners – dogs will be dogs and to seek revenge on them only shows your ignorance. Granted, the whole story is a tragedy BUT it is the HUMANS who are at fault, not the dogs.

  17. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quand on a des chiens, qu’ils soient petits ou grands, et quand on a des voisins avec aussi des animaux ou des enfants, on ne les laisse pas sans surveillance. Mais se n’est pas la peine d’assassiner des âmes qui ne sont pas responsables des fautes des humains.

  18. Pamela Bolton says:

    I think she should have had proof first. Those dogs may not have done it. That’s the shoot first and ask questions later mentality. Sorry but I don’t believe her. I would make her prove that it was the huskys that did it Damn HUMANS.

  19. Deb says:

    No true animal lover could kill other animals and burn their bodies and then make the statement that it smell like BBQ.
    I’m sorry about her dog, but it didn’t say that the dogs got in her fenced yard. I would like to know where it happened. If her dog was not in a fenced yard then she had no right to kill someone’s dogs and burn them since they had tags. She is just a mental person and should go to jail

  20. Brenda says:

    Learned a long time ago to confine my dogs against other people they are quick to judge why was her animal loose? Why were theirs lose two cases of wrong to kill another animal is not your call lady your hands are bloody was not your call????????????????????????????????two wrongs don’t make a right ????????????????????????

  21. Dee says:

    One reason i would never own a sibe or any sibe mixes. Not knowingly anyway. Met lost of them that kill. Have never owned a dog that killed. Poor chi. Glad sibes are gone. They would kill again


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