A good-bye letter to beloved companion

Woman pens heartfelt good-bye to her canine companion

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On Friday evening, Rachel Martin, a regular reader of the Pet Rescue Report, said good-bye to her beloved canine companion, Sophie. Sophie was a two-time survivor of cancer…with the help of medical marijuana, Sophie beat the odds given to her by her veterinarian. A follow-up article about the alternative treatment that Sophie received will be published shortly.

A poignant good-bye:

Dear Sophie,

As I sat in the waiting room at Dr Heim’s, with you laying in my lap, I found myself thinking of a time almost ten years ago when I was sitting in Dr Hampels waiting room with Petri. A time when I was lucky enough to overhear a lovely woman named Shelly telling someone that her dog was about to get spayed, but that she would need a home after surgery. I just lost Aurora the prior Thanksgiving and had zero intention of adopting another dog but curiosity got the best of me so I turned around and asked to see the dog that needed a home. The moment that I laid eyes on your beautiful face, I knew that I was yours and that you would always be mine. I was putty in your paw.

You have been my everything– my best friend, my heart, my bratty pants, my family, my support and my entitled princess for nearly a decade.

In the beginning, my sweet princess you were vibrant, energetic, strong, graceful and above all beautiful. Your beauty grew as the years went on, we went on journeys that I could have never imagined–like to a far and scary land called Texas where I started on the path to be the best dog trainer I could be with you right by my side. Somehow you managed to end up on the front page of the Sunday styles section in the NEW YORK FRIGGING TIMES looking like the most beautiful girl in the world. Even bigger than the New York times, you found yourself on the FRIGGING TODAY SHOW spreading awareness on a national scale to an alternative treatment that gave you so many miracles, but moreso you got a stage to share your story hoping to potentially save countless lives by sharing your story. You, my brave beautiful girl are stronger than anyone could have possibly imagined, the way you fought so hard to not only survive but to thrive repeatedly when all indications said you should be long since dead. Time and time again you have encouraged me…no, inspired me to finally take the first steps to following my dreams. From those days in Texas where the only reason I didn’t quit was because of you to just a couple of weeks ago when I decided to start my own company to share your story and continue to spread awareness for you. We will carry on your mission and will always love you, but my lovely girl I have to let you go. You have fought so hard, fighting against all expectations, fighting for me and daddy and your brothers. I don’t even have to wait for the two doctors to finish their consult to know what’s in your best interest, it is time to wind up this fight. I can see you fighting to save us from the pain of what we knew was waiting for me from the moment we sat down in the waiting room this evening but I can also see all the fight is gone. My love please know that this was the night that that we freed you from your fight against this cruel cancer that you have valiantly fought back multiple times. You were so graceful, so beautiful and so brave as you fell asleep lovingly in my arms one final time. Daddy, Dr Heim and myself were all surrounding you and all telling you how much we loved you as you drifted into the here after.

Now, my sweet girl, you have been freed from your beautiful body that so was ravaged with sickness. Go run free in the waves at the beach. Go eat that bully stick you couldn’t eat yesterday but only stared longingly at. Go be free from illness and pain.if anyone deserved it my sweet princess, you do. Send my love to your sisters and tell them how much I love them and miss them but they they need to take a bow because now the queen is back to resume her throne until I come to find you lovely ladies.

I love you more than I can say princess. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for trusting me with the honor and privilege of being your mommy.



**Shelly thank you for trusting me with the job of being her mommy, it was an absolute pleasure to share my heart and my home with my beautiful princess. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without you entrusting her to me.



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10 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Tears are streaming down my face for this letter of complete devotion to her furbaby and I’m sure Sophie returned the love ten fold. RIP Sophie and Mom you will go on doing great things in Sophie’s name.

  2. susispot says:

    We that love our animal know this heartache. RIP Sophie. You were greatly loved. That is what we wish for all the homeless,neglected, abused pets.

  3. Debbie says:

    That was the sweetest letter to your precious…I cried along with you, thinking about the day I may have to make the same decision when my 3 boys reach that age….I know your heart is breaking …… your precious love has crossed the rainbow bridge…..I choose to believe we will see our precious fur babies again and live out eternity with them….I pray that is the way it will be….

  4. ellen cottone says:

    we are all here today to celebrate the superior privilege of a life changing inerspecias relationship of our own, on this earth and the next.

    I think we all are here now for a reason.
    to share our crushing sadness besides them both.

    we are so very lucky to understand and share this joy with this lady and her faithful devoted companion.

    we are blessed, its special, its a gift from God to sooth our souls and visa versa.

    the moment we meet our beloved pets again after passing ,
    will be the greatest day of our lives. god bless you all.
    someday we will hold our beloved pets again and kiss them softly and they will smile and say welcome to paradise friend. what took you so long


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