Dog on back of tow truck

Woman outraged after seeing dog on back of tow truck on busy highway

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This week, a woman was outraged when she saw a red tow truck speeding down a highway in Dallas, Texas, with a dog riding on the back. According to WFAA News, Marina Tarashevska witnessed the concerning situation on Monday evening on Interstate 30.

Tarashevska took video of the situation and uploaded it to Facebook on September 11 with her thoughts about what happened:

How can anyone be so heartless and so cruel to think this dog is enjoying himself barely clinging on at 70+mph? The driver was all smiles because apparently it’s funny to him.

She added:

He was speeding up and switching lanes and then braking suddenly so I had to let him go so the poor dog doesn’t go flying off in front of my eyes. I’m still shaking and I feel so helpless for not being able to help this poor dog- he deserves better than to be lynched on a highway just because his idiot owner thinks this is entertaining.

Gabi Vannini, a spokesperson for Dallas Animal Services, told the news agency, ”It’s really not safe, and there actually is an ordinance in the City of Dallas against that. Section 7-3.5 states that a dog or animal cannot ride in the open bed or flatbed of a moving vehicle. So it really is illegal in the City of Dallas.”


Posted by Marina Tarashevska on Monday, September 11, 2017


The driver of the truck, identified as Bubba Bingham, claims that the dog enjoys riding on the bed of the truck and he thinks that people should just “mind their own business.”

The police have been made aware of the video.

(Video via Facebook/Tarashevska)

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25 replies
  1. Pamela Bolton says:

    Make this idiot ride on the back of the truck and do what he did and see if he can be thrown off. Then I will laugh and wave at him on the way by.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Well since this IS illegal in Dallas, Bubba Bingham, needs to obey the law and put the dog inside the cab. I don’t care if the dog supposedly “enjoys riding on the bed of the truck” I’m glad Marina Tarashevska didn’t mind her own business and turned this POS in!

  3. maxiemom says:

    BUBBA??? Go figure………..

    POS needs to be put in the exact same condition in the same place, only let’s make it EVEN: do it in bad weather, say, when it’s RAINING HARD. That would approximate the difference between a dog, which can’t grab onto something, and a ‘man’, who can. Just make certain the driver’s going at least 70 mph…….

    Then lock him up, please, because that scum deserves it.

  4. GENS says:

    This is EVERYONE’S BUSINESS!! You broke the law, risked causing an ACCIDENT on the road,and by the way the dog was probably not “liking it”.

  5. ellen cottone says:

    Dallas police think babba is a good ol boy.
    And Dallas is in no rush to protect dog’s from their idiot owners
    this is Dallas Texas home of the moron and his police buddies.
    don’t mess with texas.
    gun toting , beer guzzeling, truck driving Texas .
    its too,bad such a big kid like Texas didn’t have a bigger brother to beat the crap out of him.
    for his own good

  6. Stephen Phillips says:

    “Bubba’s” just another dumfuk hillbilly, who needs to be charged, fined, incarcerated, and banned for life from the privilege of companion animal company!
    F*CK YOU, “Bubba”!

      • ellen cottone says:

        no pamela,
        it all about positive change for animals.
        and the first step is fighting for whats right. your silence will not help you here.
        to make real change you dont flap it in the wind.
        and we dont bicker among each other.
        the time for change is now.
        you speak up to the authority and you demand change or die trying.
        and you take issue with the powers that be. call it what you want. if we the people are not the problem then who is?….


      • ellen cottone says:

        if your speaking of a time in the early evolution of man I can assure you.
        animals had the upper hand.
        I mean tooth and claw.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Tina in regard to your statement about animal abuse
        And the evolution man, animal and the earth.
        why flap ya nonsense here today?
        your making a refrances to prehistoric time.
        preabuse actally.
        there was no abuse
        their was a complete devotion to surviving.
        to state anything else is ludicrist.
        abuse and neglect are a luxury of modern times where we selfihly put our own wants and needs before the wants and needs of a fellow creature living in the same area.
        now care to waste any more breath here today.
        saying nothing useful?

      • tina says:

        ellen I was not making a reference to prehistoric times. I guess I should have better explain my comment. How about this explanation. Since man and animals worked together man has abused animals for centuries. Did I do good explaining now?. Sorry if I was not more explicit…forgive me and thank you for allowing me to further what my thoughts were. I find it difficult to put into words when I should stop and think before responding.

      • ellen cottone says:

        the reason it bothers you so much is I think part of you remembers a time when we lived along side animals and yes not only did we get animals exiled but they have had to deal with us humans ever since.
        Poor animals.
        we both want it to stop now and it just seems to get worse.

        but I do think in some way there is an emerging mind set,
        that elected officials are beginning to hear our grumblings.
        I do believe this is the century animals speak. I have known that for along time.
        I had no idea what that was all about. Now I know .
        This is the century people like you and me and every body who finds them selves at Pet Rescue Report Speak for the animals. It only seems normal to free these long over looked slaves. Thats what This is all about. Now we will be ready when someone who can help us asks what we want to change now!!??
        Its That all animals strays and homeless pets are considered chipped and documented individuals who will be rehabilitated as service animals. now we will get control of the tragedy of overpopulation . on so many levels stopping this stops a lot of problems.

  7. susispot says:

    I hope the authorities get involved. This dog’s days are numbered if this bozo is left to endanger his dog. Especially with his erratic driving to show off he can do as he pleases. He needs to be knocked down a peg or two. Let’s see if we can’t get him to “see the light”?

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    And once again, some redneck backwoods idiot named Bubba thinks terrifying an animal is funny – stick his fat ass on the back of a speeding truck and then we can all laugh. Of course this is Texas where animals are treated like trash and abusers never get prosecuted. What a lousy fucking state.

  9. Red says:

    If for any reason he hits his breaks that poor animal will be air borne….. WHY IS THIS NOT AGAINST THE LAW? BUBBA…. you are a living, breathing, BUBBA!


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