Woman who fatally neglected dog is sentenced to prison time

Prison for woman who fatally neglected dog
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A Florida woman who fatally neglected her dog has been sentenced to prison. According to CBS 12 News, 42-year-old Kathryn Portman was convicted of felony animal cruelty on Monday and sentenced to 18 months behind bars, in addition to three years of probation.

The felony charge stemmed from the extreme neglect of a dog named Bruno who had been abandoned in 2015 in a Riviera Beach Sands Motel room after Portman was evicted from the room that she had been renting for nearly a year. By the time that hotel staff discovered the pit bull, he was emaciated and dehydrated.

The dog, who was reported to be sickly, missing hair and covered in fleas, was taken to a veterinarian, but died.  Dr. Kristen Coates, Palm Beach Animal Care and Control staff veterinarian, stated, “The condition of this animal was so severe that even with intervention from a private veterinary hospital, it was too much for the pet to overcome and died.”

Portman has a history of neglecting dogs – however, in the past, the animals were saved before suffering the same dismal fate of Bruno.

(Screenshot via Sun-Sentinel)

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Deformed dog or not? Strange photo is driving people crazy! I’ll admit, this one took me awhile to figure out.

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  1. 18 months is better than no time at all or a slap on the wrist that other abusers received. RIP sweet pup. I’m sorry your human failed you, but you’re free now

  2. Fucken ugly old hag!!!!Hope they put u in a cell with an animal lover!!! She’ll take care of you till the girls in the exercise yard beat the shit outta you!!Bitch!!!!

  3. She has a history of this?????? What has been done previously, has she not served jail time before? Why was she allowed to have another dog?

  4. O please, this crackhead named Kathryn Portman will hopefully run into a huge woman in prison who will treat her exactly like she treated this poor dog – 18 months is not long enough but it is better than nothing. Hopefully, this bitch will die of an overdose ASAP.

  5. At least a judge finally picked out someone in prison this abuse is out of control monsters are getting snacks on the wrist so this sets the example that no matter what they do to an animal they will get away with it. Don’t these court systems and law officials realize that if these monsters hurt ???? animals they hurt humans also people that abuse animals grow up to be killers and it should be an automatic rule hurt an animal you cannot have anymore but heck people hurt the children and keep on having more


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