Woman claims Starbucks tea killed her dog

Woman claims Starbucks scalding hot tea killed her dog

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A Colorado woman has filed suit against coffee-giant Starbucks, alleging that their scalding hot tea killed her dog. According to Monday’s KDVR News, 58-year-old Deanna Salas-Solano of Denver alleges that she received a 20-ounce cup of tea that was given to her with an unsecured lid.

Salas-Solano claims that the scalding liquid spilled on her body, melting her clothes and causing significant burns. The woman has stated that when she was burned, she screamed and her dog, Alexander, jumped on her and was burned when she spilled more of the hot tea.

Though the dog was rushed to an emergency veterinarian, he died – apparently from the burns. The dog’s owner also required emergency medical treatment, including surgery, for the second-degree burns.

Starbucks has released a statement about the incident and they claim that they have video evidence which proves that Salas-Solano is not telling the truth about what happened on the day that she was burned. Starbucks stated:

 “We have video evidence that clearly contradicts the claims made by the plaintiff and believe they are without merit. We look forward to presenting our case in court. While we are sympathetic to Ms. Salas-Solano and the injuries she sustained, we don’t have any reason to believe our partner (employee) was at fault.”

Salas-Solano is seeking $100,000 in damages from Starbucks.

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8 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    I’d really like to see this video – being a suspicious person, I wonder what she did and whether her accusations are sincere or if she is just another scammer trying to get a buck. The ONLY one I have any sympathy for is the dog who is a true innocent victim.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Oh come on, Deanna Salas-Solano are you really going to blame Starbucks for your being clumsy? YOU are the one who spilled your tea, I suppose had it NOT been hot you would have been in complaining that the tea was too cold!

  3. maxiemom says:

    RIP Alexander. I’m sorry this happened to you, whoever’s fault this was. I really hope your mom wasn’t the one to blame.

    Unless they have absolute proof that she did it herself, Starbucks shouldn’t be so sure that this wasn’t their fault. I was handed a cup of coffee recently from a restaurant with a lid that simply wouldn’t stay on no matter what I did: it APPEARED to fit, but in fact, it didn’t. It was the right size, seemed to be on, and after the first and second times it came off (fortunately the coffee landed in a non-painful spot) I made triple sure there was no way in hell it wasn’t secure and, you guessed it, it came off anyway. I’m ashamed to say had another lid in the car, and it stayed on.

  4. Sherry D Hadley says:

    I would like to see the video as well, before actually taking a side either, other than the obvious, I am on the dog’s side. I do believe that I once wrongly judged someone for making a similar claim and found out later, that the temperature of the beverage way significantly higher than it was supposed to be served; rendering it “scalding” and the person actually lost layers of skin and went through a lot of pain. I have been clumsy, but I have also been served a beverage with an ill fitting or completely loose top , as well as served a cup that when grabbed was so flimsy and had sat so long, the cup went concave and spilled all over me. So I can’t say what happened here, but if the top wasn’t on there securely, and she was legitimately burned, as well as her dog, which can easily be discovered by obtaining medical records, then she deserves compensation. …I mean, unless the video shows her being careless, if the cup was defective or lid not secured, she deserves compensation for her medicals and those of her dog, as well as the loss of her companion. But yep, you do have to watch for scams in this world, for sure…..

  5. linda says:

    I want to see that video as well before I make a judgement. However, we have seen articles of dogs being intentionally burned and set on fire and have survived. How could a leftover cup of hot tea cause a dog’s death?

  6. Betty says:

    Are you kidding me
    How did your dog died from that??
    I share a lot of pups that had burns all over and make it
    Don’t make sense to be


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