Woman calls police for dog in hot car – officer tells her dog is ‘okay’

Officer said dog inside of hot car was 'okay'
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Everyone, by now, should be aware that dogs in parked cars, on hot days (even warm days!) is a no-no. And people have been advised to call the police if they see a dog who is being forced to endure the heat inside of an unattended, parked car.

One woman in Tigard, Oregon, did what she was supposed to – she called the police when she saw a dog locked inside of a parked car on a day when it was 82-degrees outside. According to KOIN News,  Katie York saw a German shepherd inside of a car which was parked at the Washington Square Mall last Friday.

The dog was panting inside of the vehicle, which only had a slightly cracked window for “circulation.” York waited for 25 minutes for a police officer to arrive – in that period of time, not including how long the dog had been inside of the car before York arrived, the interior temperature was likely over 114-degrees.

Despite the outside heat – and obvious heat inside, the responding police officer determined that the dog inside of the car was not suffering enough to be removed. York told KOIN, “The officer that arrived said she evaluated the dog and to her assessment, the dog didn’t seem to be in distress.”

According to the Tigard Police Department, the officer who responded to York’s call was a former veterinary technician and it was her opinion that the dog was okay – breaking into the vehicle to remove him from the car was not required.

The dog’s owner eventually returned and was “counseled” on the dangers of leaving pets inside of parked cars – no citations were issued.

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  1. So what if she was a vet tech. Doesn’t mean she has experience with dogs inside hot cars. It took 25 mins for her to arrive and who knows how long the dog was left prior to calling the police.The dog was lucky THIS TIME.

  2. You would think a former veterinary technician would be a little more responsive to the plight of a dog locked in a hot car. Supposedly this dog is ok, but I don’t agree with the officer, and this dog owner should have at least gotten a summons!

    • Maybe this is the reason she’s a “former vet tech” – she’s not bright enough to know when a dog is in distress.

      • I would say your are most likely 100% right and now she has proved she is “not bright enough” to be a police officer either!

  3. Maybe this is why she was a “former” vet tech, she didn’t have enough brains to keep her job and use common sense! She should be fired!

  4. This so called offer ex vet NEEDS A NEW JOB AND A GRIP….are you kidding me…114 and she saw panting yet the dog was ok????? the dog could have drop dead yet she did NOTHING and the owner “got a speech” are you kidding me…..disgusting and inhumane – SHAME ON HER AND THE OWNERS

  5. This is most ridiculous story of this cop saying the dog was not in danger. Wow. Who care if she or he was a vet. They are not always righteous i n the or assessments of animal welfare.

  6. Do you think maybe that’s why she lost her job as a vet tech? Have you ever also noticed that when coward / thug cops kill innocent dogs in a particularly brutal manner we get the ‘he’s a dog owner, too’ gibberish, then often we find out later that he’s: killed his own dogs, abused them; has other pets he abuses; is a child / spouse abuser; etc? They say whatever they can to make excuses when they know their cop is in the wrong.

  7. Wish there were a way to FORCE that “Officer” to sit in that car and see if it were OK for that dog to be inside of that car. Her a vet, yeah, right. God only knows what brain cell was working with that call. ANGRY.

  8. Vet tech, schmet tech. Who knows if she was a GOOD one. Maybe she was fired as incompetent. The owner should have been cited!

  9. She should become a ‘former’ cop – just as she was a ‘former’ vet tech – apparently she is incompetent at both.

      • GUESS the creep who wrote the C remark should remove themselves from a pet rescue page – sounds like an ignorant creep who thinks animal abuse is ok another creep walking the streets
        another trash sub humane

  10. Did I read that correctly? The officer said the dog wasn’t “SUFFERING ENOUGH?” What exactly is enough , you hill billy idiot? Let’s see how much more he can suffer before you intervene? Isn’t ANY suffering too much, you freak of nature?! This man should not have a badge or a gun. Give him a bone and throw him in a HOT car. Then we can gage his suffering. Creep.

  11. Seriously and this cop was formerly a vet. I can see why the ????‍♀️ is no longer a vet. She should no longer be a cop ???? either. Don’t ever give this cop a K-9 police dog. She will kill it. She probably would go to a bank hold up and try to analyze wether the people being held hostage need rescued yet. She probably goes to a car accident and waits to call the ambulance ???? depending on how bad the person is bleeding. Idiot owner and idiot cop. Both the owner and cop should sit in the car ???? with the windows up.


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