Dog shot after woman called 911

Woman called 911 for help, responding officers killed her dog

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A Colorado woman called 9-1-1 early Friday morning after seeing someone who appeared to be impaired in her yard – officers with the Pueblo Police Department responded and wound up shooting her service-dog-in-training seven times. According to KOAA News, the dog, a pit bull named “Crios” managed to get through a gate on the property and he approached an officer.

The two-year-old dog’s owner, Leslie Hanson, claims that her dog merely walked up to the officer. The Pueblo Police Department offered a difference version of the situation. Following the shooting, the department recounted their version of the incident to Facebook followers:

As one officer arrived, and as he began to approach other officers to assist, a large pit-bull exited a residence through an open gate and began to charge the officer. The officer attempted to retreat but the dog continued to charge. Eventually, and in order to protect himself from serious injury, the officer fired several rounds striking the dog. Though the dog was transported for treatment, the dog succumbed to his wounds.

The department stated that the situation was “unfortunate” and noted that lethal force is only used as a last resort. Hanson contends that her dog was friendly and good with people – she told KOAA, “I could take him anywhere–the park, Lowe’s, the stores–people loved him.”

Tragically, a neighbor who witnessed the deadly shooting has stated that the police would not allow the dog to immediately be transported to a veterinarian for care – the neighbor believes that Crios may have been saved if he has received emergency treatment.

(Image family photo screenshot via ABC 13 News)

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30 replies
  1. LESLIE says:

    Would this have ended this way if it was a newfie or a Shepherd? ? I highly doubt it. As a pittie owner i know the police are a threat to my 3 dogs and my boyfriend is a cop.

    • Donna Burns says:

      Leslie if I may then as a police officer your boyfriend has explained that as a general standard any animal exhibiting hostile behavior is dealt with extreme prejudice
      It could be a five pound chihuahua or a 125 pound Saint Bernard it only takes a well placed bite to end a life

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        O please, it is another case of a cop w/a gun who will shoot a pit bull no matter what the circumstance – then tell the same old sad ‘CYA’ tale of a dog who walked out of his gate and got killed BECAUSE HE IS A PIT BULL – this ‘charging’ BS is exactly that – BULLSHIT!

    • linda says:

      These fucking officers commented the word “charged”, however, I think the dog approached them big difference. There was no need to shoot the dog. I think you’re right any other breed would have been spared it’s life.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Here I thought things were getting better – it’s been a while since we’ve had a case like this. I’m sick and tired of trained police officers – men and women trained to deal with armed assailants and more, who can’t even deal with a dog without shooting them. THEN, to delay the dog being taken to the vet for care. This was a service dog. He wouldn’t be a service dog if he was aggressive. Damned cops in this case. I hope this woman sues…..

  3. maxiemom. says:

    “Lethal force as a last resort”? Right. That’s why the trigger happy THUG fired several rounds and wouldn’t allow anyone to transport the dog to a vet! If the bastard cared at all, there would have been an attempt to save the dog’s life. The witness’ statement indicates to me that the cop is a lying SOS, but then, we knew that, since he used the old ‘the dog charged me’ routine.

    This is why I have no respect for them any longer. They’re nothing but a lot of murdering thugs.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      It’s the old “I feared for my safety”. I highly doubt a service dog in training is going to charge a police officer, but then dogs are pretty good judges of character and as we see this police officer certainly has NONE! (character that is). Disgusting!

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is BULLSHIT!!!! They are always so quick to shoot a Pit that it is just ridiculous. Poor Baby may he Rest in Peace.

  5. Bunny Peters says:

    F…..G Bullies with Badges. Not all cops are bad, but clearly this one hated animals…… not an appropriate personality to deal with “the public & family pets”……. condolences to the family, very sorry for your loss….. your treasured furbaby will not be forgotten……

    I hope you can sue the police for this horrible event (& your pain and suffering because you didn’t “just lose a dog”, you lost a treasured family member……)…….

  6. Donald says:

    If he was really being attacked WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT.He was probably running to them for affection or kisses…. PROUDLY BEING OWNED (yes I believe they own me lol ) of three bull dogs myself..As a last resort he could have tazzed or pepper sprayed him.. They would never let any breed of slightly aggressive dog be considered as a service animal..

  7. Tonya Dantes says:

    Hmm. I think we should all voice our disapproval on their pages and any type of social media. All the officer had to do if he was afraid is fire one shot into the ground and ANY DOG would RUN the other way. Tired of theses so called protectors being pursues and lying!

  8. jeanette says:

    good grief, don’t these cops know a damn thing about dogs.. this dog was a service dog in triaining. put your damn gun away. because a dog is running at you, doesn’t mean it will bite.

  9. pennysdachshund says:

    Would This POS COP shot a suspect coming at him with a gun & times non-stop then refuse to call for an ambulance!!!! Hell NO !!! The cops were probable the fucking assholes that left the gate open too!!!!

  10. Donna Burns says:

    I’m highly offended at this site and the remarks just made ????Police officers are not thugs they put up with slow witted John Q. Public who doesn’t like to obey rules and the slant this site put on this story is untrue
    No one has bothered to ask why she called 911 in the first place and it’s protocol in large cities like Norfolk for dispatchers to ask if there are guard dogs or any weapons or any one else there ! And your supposed facts are wrong ! Yes pit bulls can be taught to be one of the most vicious unrelenting breeds but in second place you have Rottweilers and even Bassett hounds can be taught to attack
    I really expected your site not to stoop to this level because for the next two weeks even month my husband and his kids will under fire just for doing their jobs ????????‍????oh I didn’t mention my husbands a police sergeant of 42 years I’m retired firefighter
    We both see people at their worst the Obama years cannot take full credit for this war on our Law enforcement the wheels were put into motion 15 years ago the Obama admin just supported the finishing touches
    And as for me I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters in red and blue and my pride for my husband knows no bounds
    Negativity such as this does nothing but instill in people anger not a good anger but blood anger
    Thanks for listening

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Thank you for your prospective from the vantage point of a LEO. And even though many of us “slow witted John Q. Public” do respect our law officers, There are some that shouldn’t be on the force. I have no idea whether this dog “charged” this officer, and find it highly doubtful since the dog was in training to be a service dog and had been taken to parks and businesses with no problems. She called the police because of a person under the influence in her yard, it may be the practice in Norfolk for dispatchers to ask if there are guard dogs or weapons but is that standard procedure for the Pueblo Police Department? I know I have never been asked that by our Sheriff’s department if I have needed assistance. I however don’t take chances, I see the police my dogs go in their crates. We have seen too often that some police officers will shoot first and claim “feared for their safety” as an excuse, and really, he needed to shoot the dog 7 times? I have no war against Law Enforcement, I don’t blame all for the actions of one any more than I blame the actions all of a particular race for the actions of a few. So let’s not lump us all into a “bunch” of haters just because we don’t like and find the actions of this one questionable!. I thank your husband and you for your service to your community.

    • Tonya Dantes says:

      I’m highly offended that you think you are the only one here commenting that has law enforcement and firefighters as their immediate family!

      I’m highly offended that you didn’t read the story before commenting and making this about ALL police officers and firefighters when this is clearly about the ones that DO NOT SERVE and PROTECT and do not do their job correctly WHILE HOLDING A LOADED GUN!

      I READ the whole story AND comprehend it. Not all John Q Public is dim witted as you stated. Even IF they were…does that make it OK to have their rights as an American RAPED by crooked law enforcement?

      This SITE didn’t stoop to any level. Pet Rescue Report is highly reputable in reporting the FACTS and giving us updates on the WHOLE story even when the updates and outcomes are not as we would want them to be.

      If you don’t like this story because your family has to be more alert to do their job, then maybe you should worry that they may be in the wrong business to begin with.

      I have to worry every single day that some dim witted officer with a badge and a gun might misinterpret a situation for something that they’ve made up or don’t understand and kill another ….dog, adult, child, senior citizen, etc with no good reason.

      This dog was on the side of right and was trained. He did nothing. He didn’t charge anyone. Then he was shot SEVEN TIMES. Because an untrained IDIOT WITH A GUN decided to be LAZY and NOT use his TAZER or fire a shot INTO THE GROUND to scare the big, bully breed, trained service COMPANION dog away. THEN WAS REFUSED IMMEDIATE LIFESAVING TRANSPORT FOR TREATMENT.
      Surely being a firefighter for so many years, you’ve learned that every soul has the right to life and to be transported for life saving healthcare…. or maybe you dont value his life because he is just a dog.

      OH! Did I fail to mention that my husband was a highly trained Security Officer (cop that transported warheads) in TWO branches of the US Armed Forces, that his brother is a fire Captain in the third largest city in Louisiana and has been all of his adult life following in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather who was the city Fire Chief back in the day. None of that is relevant to this story with exception being that they are highly trained and proof the not all public servants are untrained, uncaring, lying, ass covering, gun carrying, idiots.

      Have I offended you now? Pffft! Maybe you can stop spouting off about things you know nothing of. Especially this story that you clearly did not read completely.
      Here are some of the FACTS that you …*cough cough* missed.

      ☞☞☞” Colorado woman called 9-1-1 early Friday morning after seeing someone who appeared to be impaired in *HER yard ☜☜☜– officers with the PUEBLO, Police Department responded and wound up shooting her service-dog-in-training☞☞☞ SEVEN TIMES. ☜☜☜”
      * Service dog owner is the person that called Pueblo Police Department.

      This happened in Pueblo not Norfolk.

      Attitudes like yours are the reason SOME PO’s think they can twist the truth and get away with murdering someone’s service dog and then lie about it.

      Leave Pet Rescue Report alone.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I guess I’m not the only one who felt Donna’s comments were offensive, you put it into much better words than I did, thank you.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Tonya Dantes THANK YOU for every single word you said!!! Donna Burns PLEASE go away and PLEASE stay away! What this cop did was WRONG! Not for one second do I believe this dog charged him and he had other options if he felt threatened! You DEFINATELY do not think much about the life of a dog! Just can’t fathom why u are on this site anyways if this is your thinking! OMG! Your comment has royally pissed me off!

    • Me' says:

      I agree with some of what you said but not all. It appears that the police shoot dogs first based on hundreds and hundreds of useless shootings in the past then ask questions later. The police need to tell the people when they call to put up their dog’s and in the past some that did just that, dogs were still shot on the spot and killed . I foster dogs, have my own pack and financially help others fighting their cities and states that accuse a pit bull or other breeds of committing a crime when all the evidence shows it was not the dog in question. Unfortunately you will be attacked and called names on this site

  11. Cynthia Como says:

    I firmly believe that in MOST cases law enforcement over react,especially if the dog is a pittbull! My heaet breaks for this poor woman because I’m sure she will carry a lot of immense guilt for calling police and never thought they would arrive and kill her baby! So wrong and so sad!

  12. Kristine Gray says:

    This IS another case of a trigger happy cop!! When it’s absolutely necessary to pull your gun out, shoot the dog so that’s it’s injured, not being able to attack but will still live! A documentary I watched a cop stated that in trading they’re told shoot to kill regardless of what the dog is or is not doing, BS!! Can’t remember what state he lived in. EVERYONE needs to watch this video, NOT once did the cop pull his gun out & it’s amazing what can be done to turn a situation around with specific training!!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Thank you for sharing this, Here you have an officer that you can tell truly likes dogs. I believe most dogs could be handled this way without resorting to shooting them. Well done officer!


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