Woman accused of posting video of animal abuse to Facebook

Woman arrested after video posted of pup being swung by neck

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A woman in Nashville, Tennessee, is accused of using Facebook’s “Live” feature to showcase activity which the local authorities believe to be animal cruelty. According to Sunday’s WTHITV News, the video shows a woman, identified as Latorya Brooks, swinging a small puppy by its neck and then throwing the puppy to the ground.

The video was live on social media long enough for someone to save it and get it to Metro Animal Control – though the video is no longer active on Facebook, the saved copy proved sufficient for Brooks to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

According to the news source, Brooks has a criminal history – the puppy in the video was found and taken to an area veterinarian for treatment. The current condition of the abused puppy has not been released.

(photo screenshot via WTHITV News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    How I would like to get a hold of this POS and swing her around by her neck then drop her over a cliff! She certainly looks like she is minus a few brain cells, I hope they don’t give her the puppy back and I hope she has a nice long stay in jail!

  2. maxiemom says:

    Bitch!! There’s no excuse for anyone doing something like this. They can lock her up and throw away the key and it would be doing society a huge favor.

    • Roselyne says:

      En prison, s’est trop bien pour ce parasite, en plus, cela revient cher a la société, il faut détruire tout ces barbares. A sa tête, on voit bien quelle est défoncée. Pas de pitié pour cette sous merde.

  3. Patty says:

    What an IGNORANT POS !!!! Did she think this was entertainment ?? !!!!! PLEASE, save her from herself and everything else on the planet, LOCK HER UP !!!!

  4. Edward says:

    Another black trash piece of s*** I would like to play a game I miss everybody would agree with me take her swing around and every time you’re headed to the f****** wall till it falls off I hope the puppy is ok

  5. Mary says:

    Looking at her face I can see brutality in it. She is cruel and mean person. She don’t deserve to own a pet . She should go home wich is the jail and be there for good. That’s her house.


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