Woman admitted she left sick dog in a cage to die

Woman admitted she left ailing dog in a cage to die

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On Monday, a 26-year-old woman admitted, in court, that she left her ailing dog in a cage to die. The Burlington County SPCA Humane Police issued a release about the case on Monday afternoon.

According to the authorities, Denai Carter of Medford, New Jersey, pleaded guilty  to multiple charges of animal cruelty. Carter admitted that her dog was sick, and unable to eat or drink. The release provides details about the cruelty case:

The woman pleaded guilty to “Failure to provide necessary care” (food and water), “Inflicting unnecessary cruelty on a living creature”, “Failure as the owner to provide necessary care causing bodily injury” and “Causing the death of a living creature”.
Appearing before Judge Peter C. Lange the defendant admitted that the dog was sick and couldn’t eat or drink. She also admitted that she did not seek veterinary care for the dog. The dog was left to die in a cage.

The neglected dog was discovered, dead in the cage, on the woman’s balcony by staff at the woman’s apartment in November.

Judge Lange sentenced Carter to pay $5,000.00 in fines plus court costs, 90 days in jail, and a lifetime animal ban. Jail time was suspended on the condition that fines are paid and restrictions are honored.

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  1. Cynthia Woods says:

    Jail time should NOT have been recinded! This has to stop! They act like its not a real crime! The message is ots not a big deal! Animal loveres need to ban together and and speak out! There needs to be stiffer penalties! Not jist a slap on the wrist!

  2. Martha Duran says:

    Finally, a judge that hands out a sentence of a lifetime ban on having animals. This should be a minimum sentence in any animal neglect or abuse case!

  3. Diane Smith says:

    Disgusting, those who desert their aging animals, especially in such cruel, unmerciful ways. Those animals NEVER WOULD HAVE deserted them – ever! Vile people!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Wow! Your dog gets sick, won’t eat or drink so put it in a crate and leave it on your balcony to die! $5,000 would have gone a long way to make the dog better or if not able to be saved humanely euthanized. You can’t say this was because she couldn’t bare to lose her dog, she put it on a cold balcony and forgot about it. There is no punishment too harsh for these actions. I hope she lives to regret her hateful actions!

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Glad for the fine and the lifetime ban on having animals, but they really needed to make her serve at least SOME time in jail. For many, the other punishments are nothing more than slaps on the wrist.

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    The amount of the fine might hurt the Bitch in the pocket somewhat!! The Lifetime ban of owning an animal if it can be even be enforced IS GREAT, At the very least this Judge has done more than any I have seen do to DATE… GOOD FOR HIM<<<<<<<

  7. Darla says:

    You effing bitch. Just when your dog needed you the most, you turned your back on him. You let him suffer because you have no heart or soul. I hope you rot in hell.

  8. Linda Patton says:

    90 days suspended! Are you serious??? That vile human forced that poor innocent dog to suffer, endure agony, receive no food or water… she watched that loving dog die at her hands. How can a judge suspend her sentence? How can that judge only give her a mear 90 days? This is an outrage!!! The judge needs to be removed from the bench for failure to follow the law, which clearly states animal abuse and or torture is a felony punishable by 5 years per count in prison. The judge has failed to follow the law as well as fail the innocent dog. I’m appauled completely by the judges actions! Please whom ever knows, send me the judges name, court house & room address, the county this occurred in, etc. I want to write the DAs office demanding something be done about this judge, as well as notify the media of the outcome of this case. Prayers have been said for the poor dog. In the name of humanity I beg forgiveness for humans failure to protect this innocent being, that we didn’t get there fast enough to rescue this pup so it could learn what real love is, be part of a loving family, receive tenderness and compassion it so deserved but never had. Tears fall for the pain this baby endured… rest peacefully sweet puppy, run free through lush fields of grass, bask in the warmth of the sunshine… know you were and are loved now and forever!

  9. ellen cottone says:

    Died alone.
    Thirsty in pain and alone outside on a balcony. In the winter. So help me god every Companion animal needs a social worker to monitored their well being. When are animals going to be issued a social security # and when will animals be covered by an owners medicade. There would be a lot less of this. A lot less of elderly sick animals dumped at kill shelters. Alot less dogs thrown out of moving car windows in january just because a dog has a heart murmur and deamed too expensive to treat medically (yes this is how i got my dog luna, thrown out of a car on RT. 25A in january with 2- other over bread chi s) If we are truly sick to our stomachs at the constant cycle of abuse, neglect, betrayal, abandonment then we here should put our minds and energy together and positively make changes to stop future and present suffering.

    Please for once can we bypass the typical and IGNORANT rants against the owner and the wast of time negitivity that just prolongs these situations . For once can we not use this story as an excuse to be crewl and tacky.
    its not a personal human bitch off against a human we know nothing about.
    with the onslaught of tacky nonsense of….
    Pos ownner, she should be put in a…, what kind of …..
    Herse my favorite… ” can we euthanize pos owner!? For a change can we come up with sensible solutions to end this.
    What are we going to do about it?

  10. Graham says:

    Jail time was suspended on the condition that fines are paid and restrictions are honored.

    The RESTRICTIONS INCLUDE A lifetime animal ban.

    That’s GREAT WITH ME!

  11. Kathleen Drude says:

    Put her in a cage, no food no water! Lifetime ban on owning a pet? There should be a lifetime ban on her period! Where were the people who lived around this thing? They had no eyes?

  12. Debbie DeCicco says:

    I had to remove the petition,I was contacted by change.org they told me there was a defamation claim and it had to be removed!????????What a joke!POS rot in hell…


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