Woman who abandoned 20 dogs and cats in filth banned for life from having any pets

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A woman who lived in Accrington, Lancashire, United Kingdom has been banned for life from having any pets after pleading guilty to have abandoned 20 dogs and cats living in “filthy”conditions at her home. Catherine Allsagar, 37, became the focus of an investigation in March by RSPCA officials, after they heard from a local rescue, she had sent five cats to be cremated in a short amount of time. Allsagar pleaded guilty to five animal cruelty charges and two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

According to the Daily Mail, when inspectors arrived at her home, they were shocked at the appalling conditions the animals had been living; dogs and cats only had their own urine to drink. There was no food or water available. In addition, two dogs had been kept in small cages barely able to move.  Only three cats were still alive.

During a court hearing this week at Blackburn Magistrates Court, the attorney for Allsagar stated his client had been undergoing periods of psychiatric treatment and care. Allsagar was sentenced to a six-week jail sentence, suspended for one year. In addition to having been banned for life from ever caring for or owning any pets, she was ordered to complete 35 days of rehabilitation guided under probation officers. 

Shortly after the case, Allsagar surrendered her dogs and cats which will be made available for adoption. In relation to the same case, Malcolm Ogden, 58, was reported to have had four dogs living in disgusting conditions after Allsagar sent a photo of a dead dog in filth lying in the man’s house. The RSPCA then executed a warrant to inspect the man’s home and found:

“… a trail of feces from the front door to Ogden’s car and that four dogs were found inside in an ‘awful state’. Cat litter trays were filled with feces which had ‘turned white’ and that dog feces ‘inches high’ were strewn on the floor. The dogs also had no access to water and the bathroom was ‘covered in feces and smelled horrendous.'”

Allsagar had been caring for Ogden; both had issues that required help and the removal of all animals. Ogden pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty, and told authorities he was trying to clean up after the dogs and cats.

(Photos of abandoned dogs and cats screenshots via Daily Mail and RSPCA)

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11 replies
  1. audrey says:

    Disgusting! Hoping all the animals are well. Obviously the owners weren’t! Nasty and horrible people for neglecting and the mistreatment of these dogs and cats!

  2. rieann says:

    and of cause they get away with it big deal never own an animal like anyone will make sure that never happens Humans are the animals

  3. susispot says:

    Beyond disgusting. The dogs and cats of this planet thank you judge. They would be even more happy if you had seen fit to put these bozos in jail for a nice long stay. Maybe with a clogged toilet?

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another lowlife skank who got away with treating animals like trash – she SHOULD be forced to live in that vile environment she made those innocent animals endure. Six weeks suspended – WHAT A FRIGGIN’ JOKE!

  5. (SunWolf)Beth C. says:

    And who is going to check on her throughout the years that she’s alive to make sure she doesn’t have any animals?
    We have all heard cases where many end up getting an animal or animal’s that have been handed this verdict they know they can get away with it because nobody’s going to take the time to monitor them.. don’t be surprised if we hear her name again in the future, 6 weeks of whatever the f*** is not going to do a damn thing


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