Senior dog needs a family, will you help?

Will you help this blind, senior dog find a family?

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She’s no longer a spirited puppy, nor does she have her sight, but this pretty senior dog has an endearing personality which has made her a favorite among staff and volunteers at California’s Sacramento SPCA.

This week, the shelter posted a plea to its Facebook page with the hopes of finding Ethel a family to call her own. The shelter wrote:

This sweet gal may not ‘show’ well in her kennel, but if you take her out and spend some time with her, she’ll quickly become your new best friend.
Ethel has been waiting for her new family for about 2 months and we hope to find them soon! #adoptme#findyourfido

Will you help Ethel find her family? With a bit of social networking, this lovely senior dog’s person will undoubtedly be found.

Find Ethel’s Petango profile here.

More news and updates on the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. vicki hood says:

    Ethel is perfect for me. I have room in my bed for her to spend the rest of her life. I belonged to blind dog rescue for some time. I still have some of theirs. I already have 4 that are impaired so Ethel will fir right in. I am in the country outside Roseburg Oregon. I will take on vet costs (teeth and other care) but i cannot buy, or have her transported for a fee. I have others to support. I am on a small fixed income. If there is a rescue to pull her and a volunteer group that transports, please let her be mine. There are volunteer transports ( I do that myself-with my legs being 100 to 150 miles) Group i belong to requires 2 weeks at rescue (to save from transport of disease)
    I can offer cushey blankets in my bed. I cook healthy. Supplements too. I have no fleas here therefore no poisons. I am on 6 acres. Lots of references, should you need. I prefer no parvo and some other vaccines as sometimes they become carriers. Let me know at

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Sharing here in New York, this pretty girl deserves a new family, one that will appreciate the beautiful, precious dog she is! Shame on whoever abandoned her!


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