Wild horse attacked an alligator at Paynes Prairie

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It was an amazing sight as a woman stood in awe early Wednesday afternoon, as a wild horse attacked an alligator at Paynes Prairie State Park located near Gainesville, Florida. On the Facebook page of Krystal M. Berry, she stated she was “still shaking” after witnessing the horse attack the gator.

“Holy moly!….Only in Florida!That’s a cracker horse. They are the original descendants from the horses left here from the Spanish conquistadors. They know how to take care of themselves they have been running wild all these years. Amazing isn’t it,” stated viewer, Suzanne Macdonald, as she watched the video.

Krystal and her friends, the “ATEAM” just graduated from nursing school in Ocala and all went to the park to celebrate. So who won? It’s clear the gator didn’t stand a chance. That Florida cracker horse kicked the reptile’s tail – no doubt. Although the video clip is quite short, it starts with the horses peacefully grazing in the tall grasses of a nearby field, when one of the horses trots out to the alligator – who frankly was just lying peacefully in the clearing. Watch how the horse approaches – kicks out and the gator tries to bite back. The gator may have clipped the horse, but the stallion didn’t appear to be limping.  He seemed to have lifted his leg just in time and then returned to his herd. The alligator decided there was nothing to watch here – and sauntered away.

(Wild horse attacked an alligator photos and video via Krystal M. Berry Facebook)

Check out the video. It is quickly going viral.


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  1. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    It didn’t appear that either animal was hurt. Maybe the horse saw a colt taken under by an alligator in the past? Who knows? He certainly disliked the alligator.

  2. Sheri says:

    Yeah!!! Glad the horse stomped him. Whoever said “just let him go” in the background probably needs to understand the horse knew it was best to get the gator moving before it decides to take a bite out of him.

  3. Sheri says:

    The gator says ” I’m outta here! ”
    Stallion says ” AND DON’T COME BACK! ”
    ???? This was cute! ????
    Love to see & hear happy stories now and then. Thanks for sharing this!


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